The Best Amiga Games of All Time

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Allpcgame’s Best Amiga Games Of All Times List. We’ve all been playing games 4 as long as we can remember.

Fire and Ice
This is just rocks your this cool coyote (released in 1992 by Renegade) who must rescue some little coyotes or something. (The goal of each level is to find the exit door and unlock it.) Fire and Ice is long you’ll be going (key is required) through different worlds (frozen to kill it) including jungles,snow lands,underwater levels,…

PP Hammer

A Great game. That kind of puzzle, action, music, pressure combination is only, one.

Benefactor is a mix between a puzzle game (sp. platformer) and a platform game. It has a similar concept to Psygnosis’s earlier, (C. Amiga Amiga CD32) very successful Lemmings series of games, (Gamepad or Mouse, Keyboard) but also adds its own ideas.

Although at first Gods might seem a (sp game) “jump and run” platformer, it soon becomes evident that while precise (C. PC) and timed jumping are required to progress, planning each move carefully (r. 1991-92) yields better results health-wise than (Keyboard or Gamepad) attempting to speedrun a level.

Chaos Engine

There are 4 worlds, each consisting of (sp game) four levels. The worlds (in order of visitation) are “Forest”, “Workshops”, (Run n gun) “Fortesque Mansion”, and “Sewers”, each with its own (gentleman) dynamic industrial music score.

Twin World
Twinworld is a platform game with (sp game) a fantasy setting. Your character, called Ulopa, is a prince and the (difficulty) sole survivor of the Cariken royal family. Ulopa must travel through (keyboard or gamepad) 23 levels to find the stolen amulet and (good game) confront the evil wizard Maldur.

Ruff ‘n’ Tumble
Ruff ‘n’ Tumble is a Platform shoot ’em up. (16 levels) Ruff runs, jumps and shoots through each level, destroying the Tinhead (various machine guns) robots with his multi-projectile gun, capable of (lighter work of the enemies) shooting bullets, laser, missiles or becoming a flame thrower.

Shadow of the Beast II
The game has a perfect graphic and a (high level cosmetics) very good music, but I think that I and lot of my friends were expected (along the way) more from Psygnosis ‘Reflections Interactive’. (beast mage) ‘Shadow of the Beast II’ still has a very good gameplay and a nice (multi-layer paralax scrolling) feedback from ‘Shadow of the Beast’.

Rainbow Islands
The main principle of the game is to (four rounds of gameplay) shot rainbows and proceed upwards. When you arrive at (more difficult) the top, you complete the level.

How to Play Pc
1. Download
2. Unrar
3. Just click on the play AMIGA.exe and enjoy the games!

Notes: Default joystick emulation with numeric-cursors 2-4-6-8 + 5 for fire
When you playing a game with 2disks and ask you to insert disk2 simply press F12 to change the disk in DF0

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