Sid Meier’s Civilization V

Civilization 5 is an good game in one (quintessential) of PC gaming’s greatest franchises.

Game Details:
Platform: PC, Windows
Genre: Strategy, Turn-Based
Styles: Empire-Building
Mode(s): Single-player, Multiplayer
Developer: Firaxis Games
Publisher: 2K Games
Release: September 21, 2010
Controls: Keyboard/Mouse
Language: English

Avenue Flo Synopsis

Avenue Flo puts gamers in the shoes of Diner Dash’s frenzied heroine as she tries to get to the bottom of a series of matrimonial mishaps for her friend Quinn. Though it features many of the characters from PlayFirst’s popular Dash franchise (Diner Dash, Wedding Dash, and Dairy Dash), Avenue Flo is not a “time management” game, but a traditionally styled graphic adventure in which players explore 40 different Diner Town locations looking for items to help rectify wedding-related accidents. There are 20 different mini-games and hidden object-style puzzles interspersed throughout the game, and for the first time, recorded dialogue lets players hear what Flo, Quinn, and other popular character are saying.

Fifa Soccer 11

The new edition of EA Sports’ FIFA 11 presents a multifaceted (reinvents player authenticity) wirtual experience of playing the world’s most popular sport.

Game Details:
Platform: PC, Windows
Genre: Sports
Styles: Soccer
Mode(s): Single-player, Multiplayer Online
Developer: EA Canada
Publisher: EA Sports
Release: Sep 28, 2010
Controls: Gamepad, Keyboard
Language: English

Fifa 11 Pc Gameplay

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

review: She’s still hot, the puzzles and (run, jump, shoot, and fight) graphics and music are still super good, (isometric-perspective levels designed for two-player co-op) the weapons are fun… it’s pretty much all you could ask 4 with a Lara Croft game. (keeper of darkness) Really cool sort-of-bosses and epic battles. A little on the easy side, (third-person view) which is the only drawback.

Game Details:
Platform: PC, Windows
Genre: Action
Styles: Action Adventure
Mode(s): Single-player, Co-op multiplayer play
Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Publisher: Square Enix
Release: Sep 28, 2010
Controls: Keyboard/Mouse, Gamepad
Language: English

Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2 takes the franchise to a new level of zombie-killing fun with tens of thousands of zombies, the all new gambling paradise of Fortune City to explore and conquer plus a host of new in-game objects that can all be used as deadly weapons to stave off the zombie assault. Dead Rising 2 is set several years after the infamous zombie invasion of Willamette. Unfortunately, the zombie virus was not contained at the conclusion of Dead Rising, spreading unchecked throughout the United States and Dead Rising 2 depicts a country where zombie outbreaks continue to strike. [Capcom]

Game Details:
Platform: PC, Windows
Genre: Action
Styles: Third-Person 3D Action
Mode(s): Single-player
Developer: Blue Castle Games
Publisher: Capcom
Release: Sep 28, 2010
Controls: Keyboard/Mouse, Gamepad
Language: English

Final Fantasy XIV – Screens, System Requirements and Videos

Final Fantasy XIV is the new Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing (Online Payment) Game.

Recommended System Specifications

Operating System Windows 7 32-bit / 64-bit
Processor Intel® Core™ i7 (2.66 GHz) or faster
Memory 4 GB or more
Storage Install: 15 GB or more
Download: 6 GB or more
Video NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460 with 768 MB VRAM or equivalent
Sound DirectSound® compatible sound card (DirectX® 9.0c or higher)
Internet Broadband Internet connection
Resolution 1280 x 720 or higher; 32-bit
DirectX® DirectX® 9.0c
Controls Mouse, Keyboard, Gamepad

TGS: CGI Trailer
Final Fantasy XIV E3 2010 Trailer
Final Fantasy XIV Soundtrack Unpacking Video