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Gyromancer (Action Puzzle) (2009)

Gyromancer is a collaboration between Square Enix and PopCap that melds the characters and imagery of Final Fantasy with the gem-swapping match-three gameplay of PopCap's Bejeweled Twist to offer gamers an RPG/puzzle fusion in the vein of Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. Players guide the main character Rivel around an overworld map, stopping at a number of locations to take on various beasts in head-to-head match-three battles. There are more than 50 helpful monsters that can fight alongside Rivel, but he may summon only one during battle, and the creatures can die, so gamers must make sound tactical decisions before each round of combat. The gameplay itself is similar to that of Bejeweled Twist, with players rotating a cube of four jewels in an attempt to match three or more like-colored gems. Matching gems that are the same color as summoned beasts inflicts damage on the opponent, and gamers earn experience points after each successful bout.


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