Need for Speed: World could have been a great game. It has a huge open world consisting of both Rockport and Palmont City. It has quite a selection of cars and they all handle fairly predictably, as you would expect. Unfortunately, this game is the absolute essence of ‘Pay to Win’, with powerups like Nitrous and the ability to turn the car in front of you into a Traffic Magnet, and the ability to purchase almost every car in the game directly with Microtransactions.

Many of the customization options are also only available to those with fat wallets. This turns the game from a fun and competitive racer into a frustrating race to open your wallet so you can win. The game also seems to have a problem with hackers. Overall, if you own any of the earlier Need for Speed titles and two controllers, you will have infinitely more fun than you ever will here. The Pursuit modes are quite entertaining, but largely unchanged apart from the ability to play them in a multiplayer mode. And generally playing them with random people can be as much fun as it can be frustrating.

It’s unfortunate, it has a lot of potential but the removal of the Drag Racing and Drift Modes in the game means you can only ever race or do pursuit on the same tracks in Most Wanted and Carbon, minus the Mountain tracks. The removal of the Roll-Up races from Free Roam mean that the enormous place you have to drive around in is just a Lobby and much of the multiplayer Races are plagued by people who use as many powerups as humanly possible, hackers or people who just try to smash everyone off the road. They should have taken some hints from Burnout Paradise and went with their own game but instead they just turned a great concept into an undercooked Pay to Winfest. There aren’t many online racing games, but try to avoid this one.

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