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Super Meat Boy Reviews for PC

Based on 6 critics - Overal Score: 90 / 100

GameInfo: Super Meat Boy is a 2D side-scrolling platformer. Players must run, jump, and cling to walls as they attempt to avoid buzz saws, salt, and other deadly impediments strewn throughout more than 300 levels. The game follows Meat Boy as he attempts to rescue his girlfriend Bandage Girl from the villainous Doctor Fetus.

Critic Review Scores

Critic Score
Gamersmint 90 out of 10
Ironhammers 90 out of 10
GameSpot 95 out of 10
PC Gamer UK 90 out of 100
Eurogamer Spain 90 out of 100
IGN 90 out of 100




Anonymous said...

I have a massive issue with this, I must say.
The art you have used for the header has flagged some concern to me; that it is mine. I have proof if you so desire.

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