Legend of Fae Game

Endless Fluff (http://www.endlessfluff.com) is very pleased to bring you their first commercial game, Legend of Fae. Legend of Fae takes the classic matching
puzzles game as the battle mechanic of an RPG, then, to add their own twist, removes the turn based format. The result, an action packed RPG that will require you to keep your wits under fire.

The Island of Sea Cross was a fairly peaceful place, even during the war. However, when Claudia’s uncle goes missing, leaving behind only a note and a strange artifact, the peace the island once knew is torn asunder. Creatures called Fae have begun appearing in town and are causing all kinds of trouble. With the power of this strange artifact Claudia calls upon four elementals to help guide her to her uncle and, she hopes, some answers.

Legend of Fae features over 50 levels and 30 upgradeable skills for your elementals. The combat is fast and dangerous as Claudia explores deeper towards the Faery Gate. The loveable elementals and the innocent Claudia make an adorable quintet of adventurers that are sure to resonate with young and old players alike. Two difficulties allow you to pick the speed of your enjoyment.
A free demo of Legend of Fae is available at the Endless Fluff website at www.EndlessFluff.com. Stop on by!

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