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The Games Machine
The reboot of the NFS series is a convincing arcade game, with an accessible yet pretty deep driving model. The PC version comes with all the additions released in the past few months (except the Photo Mode, coming soon), and it truly shines for its beauty: provided you have a decent machine, you’ll enjoy the best races ever seen on 4K screens. The support for the driving wheels is a nice touch, well implemented and appreciated, even in an arcade game like this one. Read full


The new Need for Speed has some solid points and it’s a fun racer but we found it lacking in some points and we would enjoy it more if it were varied and lively. Read full


Need for Speed collects all its historical heritage in a game where you’ll find what you had and what you missed. But by the way it’s lost some of the courage that characterized it. Read full


Under the great bodywork there’s a lame engine. Need for Speed looks great, but the races are lacking. Read full 


This is certainly the best Need for Speed PC port in years, but the game itself isn’t that great. Come for the racing, stay for the dumb live-action scenes. Read full

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