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Attack of the Fanboy

Taking the loot-based shooter to a new level, The Division features a gorgeous world to explore, full of interesting items to collect, and tons of players to team up with. The enemies are still bullet sponges, and the missions can get repetitive, but the social elements allow for a lot of fun to be had once you get a good group together. An engaging story and enjoyable characters are just icing on the top of what will likely be one of the best shooters of the year.
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The Division is a very good game. Mixing singleplayer and multiplayer in a splendid New York setting, the map offers plenty of content and the Dark zone is a really nice PVP/PVE place to play. The gameplay is simple, the AI is far from good, but the entire experience is a must.
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Hardcore Gamer

There is something to be said for the sheer amount of collectibles, the lackluster side content and the sheer number of plot holes that can be poked in the core narrative, but all of those flaws feel secondary to what is a dynamic online shooter experience.
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