Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Coming to the PC

The game will be PC released on June 24, 2011. Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition features a roster of 39 characters, include four new challengers (Yun, Yang, Oni and Evil Ryu).

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Trailer

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World of Tanks Reviews

Based on 4 critics – Overal Score: 81 / 100

GameInfo: World of Tanks is a freemium 3D team-based massively multiplayer online game featuring historically accurate fighting vehicles from the 1930s to the 1950s. World of Tanks is a PvP-focused project that promises action and strategy based gameplay. In the release version, World of Tanks includes more than 90 armored vehicles from America, Germany and the Soviet Union, carefully detailed with historical accuracy. All in all there will be around 500 vehicles available in the game. At the moment, World of Tanks features light, medium and heavy tanks, tank destroyers and self-propelled artillery and some well-known prototypes and low-volume vehicles. The game blends action, strategy and simulation genres



Critic Score
GamePro 5 out of 5
SegmentNext 8 out of 10
CalmDownTom 7 out of 10
CheatCC 3,7 out of 5


Genre(s) RPG, Simulator
Release date(s) October 30, 2010
Genre(s) RPG, Simulator
Mode(s) Multiplayer

System requirements
– CPU: Intel Pentium 4 at 2.0 GHz / AMD Athlon XP 2200+
– RAM: 1GB
– Video: GeForce 6800GT (128 MB) / ATI Radeon X1600,
– HDD: 3GB

Best point and click pc games

Sam & Max: Season One
If you like adventure games, this is a great game.

The Dig
The Dig is classic adventure game. Explore the environment, find items, add them to your inventory, talk to characters, solve puzzles.

Beautiful art, colorful characters, good voice acting(decent audio quality).

Blade Runner
14 years old game and the graphics are still awesome. I like the movie and the game.

The Monkey Island Bounty Pack
The ‘Monkey Island’ serious is the single most influential adventure game series in the known Universe. It began life as an idea inside Ron Gilberts head as he rode upon Disney’s Pirates of the Carribean ride, and it still lives today.

May 2011 – PC game releases

PC Game Category Estimated Release
Challenge Me: Word Puzzles Puzzle May 3 2011
Brink Shooter May 10 2011
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game Action May 10 2011
Fable III Rpg May 17 2011
Two Worlds II: Castle Defense Strategy May 17 2011
Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, The Rpg May 17, 2011
Dirt 3 Racing May 24 2011
Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale Rpg May 24 2011
Back to the Future: The Game – Episode 5: Outatime Adventure May 2011
Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Action May 31 2011

Black Ops: First Strike (DLC) Reviews, Videos and Images

Based on 4 critics – Overal Score: 65 / 100

Info: the “First Strike” Map Pack (4 new multiplayer maps) on February 1, 2011 for the Xbox 360. The PlayStation 3 received the map pack on March 3, 2011 and the PC version was released on March 25, 2011 through Steam.


Critic Score
PC Gamer 46 out of 100
GameSector 6.7 out of 10
TGX 9 out of 10
Game Podunk 6 out of 10

The Next Big Thing Reviews

Based on 5 critics – Overal Score: 72 / 100

GameInfo: The Next BIG Thing, the 2011 adventure game from Pendulo Studios. A deep and mature story full of references to classic fantastic movies, an original couple of new heroes that we will definitely remember, a cast of fun and engaging characters and monsters, and a great load of humor. Here are some of the simple but catchy ingredients thrown into The Next BIG Thing’s explosive mix. Add Pendulo’s unique and astonishing graphic art, and the result is The Next BIG Thing, an good and crazy adventure.



Critic Score
GamerLimit 85 out of 100
GameStar 80 out of 100
GamingXP 78 out of 100
GameSpot 60 out of 100
MidlifeGamer 60 out of 100

Developer: Pendulo Studios
Genre(s): Adventure Games
Release Date: April 2011
Game Site: