Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale Reviews and more

Based on 2 critics – Overal Score: 73 / 100

GameInfo: Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale is a action video game developed by Bedlam Games and published by Atari. The game includes both single and cooperative multiplayer modes and is set in a Forgotten Realms environment.

Bedlam stated that Daggerdale is a video game that uses real-time tactics combat, questing, character development, exploration and a pick-up-and-play feature. Two modes, campaign and freeplay, have been announced. Single and multiplayer modes also exist for the game, including split-screen multiplayer. While some gameplay elements were borrowed from Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, developers stated that this was only the linear part of the game and that the gameplay was inspired from Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes.

The game makes use of the four main D&D character classes: clerics, rogues, wizards and fighters, as well as the four main races, dwarves, elves, halflings and humans. Some customization of the characters is provided as a player earns experience in the game, and character progression advances as per a limited set of 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons rules for both class and race. Further customization is achieved through loot and equipment drops. Character level advancement is currently limited to level 10.

Critic Score
Wedogames 96 out of 100
Dealspwn 5 out of 10



Developer(s) Bedlam Games
Publisher(s) Atari
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) May 25, 2011
Genre(s) Action

Frozen Synapse Reviews

Based on 4 critics – Overal Score: 90 / 100

GameInfo: Frozen Synapse is a turn-based indie video game. It was released on May 26, 2011. The game has a competitive, yet intuitive multiplayer and as well as a huge single player campaign.
Frozen Synapse’s turn-based format lets the player give detailed, accurate orders to the player’s squad. Moves are planned ahead of time and the player has the ability to test them out before finalizing the move by the “Prime” button. Both they player’s and his enemy’s turns are executed simultaneously.

Frozen Synapse

Critic Score
BeefJack 9.2 out of 10
Eurogamer 9 out of 10
BrashGames 9 out of 10
StrengthGamer 9 out of 10



* Five challenging multiplayer modes including the innovative bidding-based “Secure” and “Hostage Rescue”
* 55-mission single player campaign with dynamic dialogue and thrilling near-future narrative
* Powerful Skirmish Generator
* Random generation combined with hand-crafted content: levels and maps are different every time
* Critically-acclaimed electronica soundtrack by musician nervous_testpilot


Developer(s) Mode 7 Games
Publisher(s) Mode 7 Games
Platform(s) Windows, Mac
Release date(s) May 26, 2011
Genre(s) Turn-based strategy
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

Capsized Reviews and more

Based on 3 critics – Overal Score: 80 / 100

GameInfo: Capsized is a fast paced 2d platformer(side-scrolling) developed by Alientrap Games

Game Trailer


Critic Score
IGN 8.5 out of 10
VGNetwork 8.5 out of 10
ThatGamerHub 3.5 out of 5


Genre: Shooter
Style: Platform Shooter
Release Date: April 29, 2011
Developer: Alientrap Games Inc.
Publisher: Alientrap Games Inc.

Pool Nation VR – Need to Know

Screens & Specs Reviews Need to Know Videos

Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Sports, Strategy
Developer: Cherry Pop Games , Perilous Orbit
Publisher: Cherry Pop Games, Perilous Orbit
Release Date: 1 Jun, 2016

Official web site: http://www.poolnationvrgame.com

Key Features!

Play Real Pool – Delight your senses with an immersive and accurate representation of the sport using motion control and real pool physics (be careful not to lean on the table, it’s not really there). Choose from several variations of pool with popular rule sets, or just hang out and hit some balls in free play.

No Consequences – Enjoy the pleasure of throwing a bottle at your opponent or breaking one against the wall. Aggressively throw things around the bar without the worry of being arrested or thrown out! We won’t make you clean-up in VR.

Customize Your Game – Dress up your multiplayer avatar, customize your pool cue and controllers, decorate your table top and even the environment around you with tons of unlock-able goodies.

Online and Offline Opponents – Play against the AI or with your friends globally Online, including voice chat so you can really talk some smack!

Kill Some Time – Play VR darts while waiting for your turn on the table, change the music or just explore the bar.

Go Crazy – Grab, stack, and smash objects in the world. Create a tower of bottles, stack them high and launch a pool ball at it.

Enjoy a Polished VR Experience – Years of VR / AR know how help provide a fun and comfortable VR space to hang out with your mates from the comfort of your own home.