Assassin’s Creed Revelations Features

– Revelations isn’t Assassin’s Creed 3
– Revelations is supposed to clear things up to this point

– Closing to the stories for characters
– There is a great deal of Templar activity in Constantinople, battling the Ottoman
– Constantinople is more populated than Rome
– Game kicks off as Ezio heads to Masyaf
– Ezio is trying to find information on Altair/the Creed
– Ezio learns that Masyaf has been overrun by Templars
– He later finds out that there is a very powerful artifact hidden in Masyaf
– Needs 5 ancient seals to get access to the artifcat
– Templars are interested in the artifact as well

– Ezio will have new friends in the game such as Suleiman, Yusuf Azim, Sofia Sorto
– Yusuf Azim: master assassin
– Sofia Sorto: Sorto makes Ezio question what his life would be like if he wasn’t an assassin
– More in-depth assassins
– You can participate in the random events (girl asking for help, someone being robbed, etc.), or you can ignore them
– Cinematic camera is getting changed
– Desmond is in a coma following the events in Brotherhood
– Desmond is essentially trapped in his own mind once the assassins place him into an animus
– While Desmond tries to put his mind back together, he looks for a “nexus” which explains how Ezio, Altair, and himself are connected
– Expect an improved multiplayer mode
– Multiplayer focusing more on the story-side of things now so that players can get a more detailed look at the Templars and what they stand for
– New game mode features multiplayer story quests
– More customization as well as more characters

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