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Deep Silver’s Homefront: The Revolution falls flat with numerous bugs at the forefront with some good ideas falling by the wayside. Read more


Back in 2011, when THQ was still in business, Homefront was meant to be the publisher’s gateway into a burgeoning sector of the video game market ruled by first person shooters. Although Activision and EA had already carved up the lion’s share between them, there was still room for new entrants, especially those championing innovative, ground-breaking ideas. Homefront was hardly the antidote to the genre’s gradual stagnation, yet proved popular among a small niche of gamers. What stood out most was its approach to story and setting, guiding players through a broken America which had shattered under the imperialist might of the Korean People’s Army. Read more


It has strong points like stealth gameplay and co-op, but all in all it’s just average. A focus on stealth would have been better. Read more

Action Trip

The game was unfortunate enough to be affected by both the downfall of THQ, financial problems at Crytek and more. It changed several development studios and publishers. At this point, you’d think how amazing it is the game even managed to hit retail. Well, as it turns out, these problems left a mark… several marks… a large number of really big marks. It might even be described as a vast collection of epic stains and marks. Read more


Homefront: The Revolution feels like it’s arriving a decade late and under-dressed, and although it reaches for the heights, it never approaches them. Read more

Game Rant

Homefront: The Revolution is a mediocre FPS that squanders an intriguing concept, but worst of all the game is not fun to play and overwrought with repetition. Read more

Lowbrow Gamer

Will 2016’s Homefront: The Revolution find a similar fate to the original – in bargain bins across North America? Kim Jong Un won’t be happy about this one. Read more


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