Operation Flashpoint Red River Reviews and more

Based on 1 critics – Overal Score: 85 / 100

GameInfo: This game is a Tactical (Squad-Based) shooter videogame, the same as its predecessor. The player has the choice of playing the campaign co-operatively. However, the game will not feature competitive multiplayer. The game will not feature a mission editor or SDK for any platform. The player will be able to choose between four classes of Marines to play as, rifleman, grenadier, scout and automatic rifleman, each with their own weapons and abilities. The player will gain experience during gameplay, which can be used to unlock guns, attachments and perks. For example, a scout could acquire an enhancement that will reduce the amount of bullet drop. The game’s director Sion Lenton said “Operation Flashpoint: Red River is being built around four player co-op online play, complete with a strong narrative, new enemies and combat scenarios to deliver gameplay that immerses players in the reality of war like never before” The enemies will be able to kill the player with a single shot, apparently depending on where the player is shot. The single player campaign will be divided into three distinct acts. The game supposedly will take realism to even higher heights.


Critic Score
PC Format 85 out of 100


Developer(s) Codemasters
Publisher(s) Codemasters
Producer(s) Adam Parsons
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Release date(s) April 21, 2011
Genre(s) Tactical shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, Co-op (4 players)

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