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Total War: Warhammer is the dream marriage of a rich, high-fantasy universe with Creative Assembly’s expertly honed real-time warfare. Read more


Total War takes itself to a whole new realm, adding huge creatures and magic with Total War: Warhammer. Highly recommended for genre fans. Read more

God is a Geek

Warhammer is an excellent turn-based strategy that takes the best of Total War and Warhammer, and melds them together wonderfully. Read more

Action Trip

If you’re into strategies, almost every game in the long-running series practically guaranteed a great time. Let’s see how Total War fares when placed against the backdrop of the rich and ever-popular Warhammer universe. Read more


“We’ve very much enjoyed the ease with which Warhammer has been introduced to Total War. It has revitalised the slightly worn series in the right places, but without damaging the core gameplay. Total War: Warhammer is still Total War, so veterans don’t need to fret about flying units or magic destroying 16 years of proud (simulated) military tradition.” Read more


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