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Invision Community 90/100
Anima: Gate of Memories is an action RPG created by Anima project, an indie studio formed by just three people and published by BadlandIndie. Available for PS4, Xbox one and PC. It is a great example of how a simple yet good idea can be brought to life in a deep interesting game.
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Gamer Assault Weekly 85/100
John D. of Gamer Assault Weekly reviews Anima: Gate of Memories, a fast-paced, action RPG brought to life by Badland Games and the Anima Project.
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NGB 75/100
NGB Wrote: “Anima: Gate of Memories does suffer with some flaws; however they are minor otherwise it’s genuinely a fine game that looks great and has a nice difficulty curve to draw in many types of gamers. While it feels very polished in both gameplay and presentation there are some things that could of been improved to make this game really shine.”
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Hardcore Gamer 60/100
Much of the time in this review was spent bagging on Anima: Gate of Memories’ many, many (many) flaws. Whether it was due to lack of experience, budget, or some combination of both, this game can be rightfully derided and relegated to the junk heap. Every positive that it brings to the table is counterpointed with a legitimate detraction. Yet, there is something here. The story is contrived, but intriguing. The combat is poorly balanced, but still has moments of greatness. I have never reviewed a game with so many glaring problems that I have enjoyed so much. So, players with a strong sense of patience and more forgiveness than should be required in their souls should check this out. There are jewels among the rubble of this tower.
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ICXM 50/100
In November of 2012, a Kickstarter campaign launched for Anima: Gate of Memories. The game was to be a third-person, action RPG set in the world of Anima. Other games in the Anima universe include a fantasy RPG book series and a table-top tactics game featuring miniatures. While not one of the most recognizable names in the genre, Anima: Gate of Memories funded their goal on the promise of incredible combat, stunning visuals, and an adherence to the property’s lore. But does Anima deliver on all of these promises? Read full story

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