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90/100 – Forbes
The story is wonderful as we uncover more about Faith and the world she lives in. Mirror’s Edge Catatlyst‘s cinematics are absolutely beautiful, well acted and the art direction and photography are dramatically better than many films I’ve seen in genre. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a unique experience and one you should not pass up. Take the time to get good at this game, even great, because this game is worth your investment in time and it might be one of the most replayable games all year.
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50/100 – TrustedReviews
Despite taking place in a beautiful city and having a wonderful sense of movement, Catalyst struggles with a poorly developed story, horrible combat and stunting its own sense of momentum too often to create an overall enjoyable sequel that fans have desperately been waiting for.
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70/100 – WGTC
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s unique take on first person parkour is something that no other game or series manages to deliver.
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60/100 – GamesRadar
I’ve never wanted to like a game more than Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, but struggled to do so. It tries to achieve something different and there are moments when its system of sliding, wall running traversals perfectly align. Similarly, the combat, built on evasion and spacial awareness, can feel hugely satisfying. But over the long haul the highs are passing as the game struggles to stretch its limited design over its full story.
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80/100 – Marooners’ Rock
“To be quite honest, I’m surprised Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst happened at all. After all, the original game didn’t exactly sell like hotcakes as most of DICE’s other Battlefield games did, but it developed a strong cultural following that probably prompted EA to consider, “Hey, what if we did make a sequel?””
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65/100 – Stevivor
“In 2008, DICE unleashed Mirror’s Edge upon the world. With a strong female protagonist, fluid parkour and a futuristic sci-fi setting, the first-person action title received its fair share of critical acclaim. Yet, all the praise in the world couldn’t hide a flimsy plot, trial-and-error gameplay and a relatively short gameplay experience. Mirror’s Edge was original, but flawed. With this new prequel, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, DICE hasn’t learned much from its past mistakes.”
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80/100 – GodisaGeek
“If you can look past the weak story and the dull characters, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has some of the best gameplay mechanics on the current gen by far.”
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70/100 – GVN
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a reboot of the original Mirror’s Edge that was released in 2008. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst tells the origin story of Faith Connors and her life as a runner living in Glass city.
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70/100 – Gamereactor
“All in all, we’d say that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a prettier version of the original. Despite a few new abilities, everything else remains pretty much the same. The controls and core mechanics are still entertaining to play around with, and finding faster ways to get from A to B is fun for hours. Getting to create, share and play your own creations with other players is a nice inclusion, and improves the overall package. Unfortunately DICE hasn’t made many more noteworthy improvements during these past eight years. The story is still lacklustre, and the gameplay gets repetitive quite quickly. Running around in the sterile and monotonous environments will give you a feeling of déjà vu within hours, no matter how many acrobatic moves you perform. To keep it short; if you loved the original and just want more of the same, this will definitely keep you entertained. If you’re looking to explore new areas and fresh mechanics, we advise caution before taking a leap of faith.”
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