Virtua Tennis 4 PC Review (2011)

This is a very good workout and a good chance to play something that is quite close to real tennis. It is not easy to go to a tennis court unless you have one in your back yard and to find someone to play with. One inevitable downside is that sometimes you get bored of winning all the time which is not possible in real tennis. This is due to the fact that you don’t need to run at all. Your avatars do all the running for you and that is like you being a superman playing against a mortal. You get good exercise from torso up but very little for legs. As for the arms it’s good for one only depending on your being righty or lefty.

I have overcome this by playing alternately with right and left hand from set to set.

This is a good advantage playing with the controller. I’m sure it would be very difficult or impossible to do this in real tennis. I also miss the feeling of the weight of the racket and the bouncing of the ball but I can live without these. If you don’t mind these downsides and want to get some exercises at home, this is the game I recommend. It burns out your excess blood sugar rather effectively too. Good – 80/100

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