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80/100 – TGG
I (Bengie Rodriguez, TGG) would recommend Mr. Podunkian´s FPS/RPG/TPS post-apocalyptic game “Wasted” to those who enjoy a good challenge accompanied with a pleasant and funny story.
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80/100 – Hardcore Gamer
You will die in Wasted. You will die a lot, it is a given. But thanks to its easy-to-learn, enjoyable gameplay, great use of roguelike elements and perfectly implemented Thunderdome-esque 1980s atmosphere, you will easily find yourself coming back again and again, ready to cough up more extra lives like the the arcade games of its era.
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60/100 – Saving Content
Excerpt: “WASTED has the tagline of “A Post Apocalyptic Pub Crawl”, making it the most likely of scenarios of what humans would do, should a nuclear fallout happen. The double entendre that exists within its name is just great for this Fallout meets Borderlands roguelike. While some might run at merely seeing or hearing the word, I assure you it isn’t “one of those” games. WASTED is unique take on the genre, and is one that will have you going back to the cooler many times.”
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