Bastion Review

This game is quite simply: lovely. It is gorgeous to look at and to
listen to. From start to finish there are a wide variety of different
creatures, and atmospheres, with an awesome blend of different music

The story is really well done, too. I don’t generally
like video games that revolve heavily around a story. I’m

The gameplay is quite fun, lots of variety, though perhaps
a bit less than challenging at times. But there are extra modes, and
ways to enhance the bad guys that allow you to change that as you would
like to.

It is hard for me to overstate how nice this game is to
play. It is relaxing, and challenging enough to keep you going. Extra
modes allow you to get quite a bit out it once you’ve completed the
story, but even if the game ended with the story, you are getting a very
well polished game in Bastion.      
much more
interested in just messing around. But since the story here is told by
the narrator as you play, you cannot escape it. Nor do you want to. It
is interesting, and the writing is quite good. As you play, you’re
getting bits of the story relevant to what you’re doing, so it’s even
better because you’re not interrupted to sit through a video most of the

Verdict: 80/100

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