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GameInfo: F1 2011 is a racing game from Codemasters based on the 2011 Formula One season. It is the sequel to F1 2010 and will be released on 20 September 2011 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A release date for the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita will be announced at a later date. The game will once again be designed around the company’s EGO Engine.

All twelve teams and twenty-four drivers that will start the 2011 season will feature in the game, though mid-season driver changes will not take place due to licencing restrictions. The entire calendar of nineteen circuits from the 2011 season will present, including the new Buddh International Circuit in India. Certain circuits will also feature day-to-night transitions.

At E3, Codemasters announced that the focus of F1 2011 is to “Be the Driver, Live the Life, Go Compete” and that multiplayer aspects of the game are being emphasised as a part of this. Online multiplayer will have a maximum of sixteen players in a race with the option to include an additional eight AI-controlled cars. Objectives will also be included in multiplayer. A split-screen multiplayer mode has been confirmed, as has an online co-operative championship. In August 2011, Codemasters announced that the safety car will be implemented in the game following its absence in F1 2010, and that it will be available in races that are 20% of real race distance or longer. Red flags will also be included for extreme situations. Rule changes for the 2011 season, including KERS, DRS and Pirelli tyres are also featured in the game.

Critic Score
HardwareHeaven “F1 2011 takes the franchise to a more detailed, enjoyable level and contains enough improvements and evolution to make it a worthwhile purchase even for those who have F1 2010.” Read Full Review 92/100
RipTen Codemasters have turned their 2010 racing hit into a franchise and you’re forgiven for thinking that F1 2011 is just part of the normal annual patching process that certain other sports titles go through. Yes, the core gameplay is exactly the same as its predecessor, but you know that already. There’s no way to approach an F1 simulation and not know what you’ve spent your money on. Get this title up on jacks, however, and underneath the same shell as last year you’ll find dramatic handling changes, the layering of a new strategy element through the DRS and KERS systems, a brand new circuit in India’s Buddh International, all 12 teams and 24 drivers and… finally… the goddamned safety car. Read Full Review 90/100
TGH “Formula One is the Marmite of sports. Very few people have a passing interest in the sport, your either an eager fan who follows every teams twist and turns, or you have no interest in the sport whatsoever. For us, the latter applied when we initially picked up the game, now we’ve become one of those middle ground ‘fans’ of the sport, and it’s thanks to Codemasters’s excellent simulation that this change occurred. For many the idea of Formula One is, as Guardian Journalist Charlie Brooker so excellently put it, “A bunch of cars going round and round” and no matter which way you look at it this is very true, however F1 2011 opens peoples eyes to the world of Formula One racing and everything it requires to make it function so well; although if you really want to you can play it like a rather flashy scalextrics racing game.” Read Full Review 90/100
Total Video Games It’s almost as if Formula 1’s top brass – you know, Bernie Ecclestone and alike – sat down at the end of last year and said to themselves, ‘Right… what can we change in the sport next season to make the officially licensed video game even better?’ Perhaps Bernie is a gaming man himself – after all, he has mulled over the idea of adding water sprinklers to tracks so that wet weather racing can be simulated – the sport itself may just be one big debug console to him. Read Full Review 90/100
Gamers-Underground.com “Acknowledging its lack of features, I still called F1 2010 the best F1 game ever created when it was released. I’m pleased to say there’s no doubt that F1 2011 tops it. While not a revolution, the key season updates as well as bolstered multiplayer features make this obviously better than its predecessor and a must own for F1 fans.” Read Full Review 90/100
Astir Gaming F1 2011 is a vast improvement over its predecessor, while there are a few issues its well worth a buy! Read Full Review 88/100
PCGamer To help, there’s a configuration of driving aids. With everything switched on, your car is painted to the road. In addition, there’s a new driving line that rises up around corners for a better view from that carbon-fibre coffin the F1 drivers wedge themselves into.

F1 can now hustle a McLaren, which I try out. I’m launching off the line and deftly scything through the pack on the run down to the tight left-hander. With nary a hint of tyre smoke, I sweep in and kiss the apex of the corner. Turn two is dispatched with a chuckle of haughty disdain as I neeeowwwww past F1’s Dick Dastardly, Fernando Alonso. I’m Lewis Hamilton! Read Full Review

Magicr.co.uk “One year on and the first sequel means the start of a new annual franchise (licence permitting). Making a good game is hard enough but this model brings its own set of risks and perils. We’ve all seen other developers struggle to innovate in the past so does F1 2011 avoid the conventional mistakes of the ‘yearly update’?” Read Full Review 85/100
Velocity Gamer I’m going to tell you one thing right off the bat in this review. I absolutely suck at simulator racers. So if you’re interested in F1 2011 and don’t usually play simulation racers then you’re in the right place. F1 2011 is a demanding game and if you don’t adapt quickly… well you’re pretty much screwed. Read Full Review 80/100
GamingUnion.net “Despite some years out of the industry, F1 2010 put Formula One back on the map for gamers in a big way. Not only did it satisfy their craving for a realistic simulator that would allow them to play out their driving fantasies, but it delivered in a big way on the gameplay front too. We’re now a year on, and Codemasters has had some time to reflect on what was essentially a renaissance for the franchise. The result is a game that builds upon last year’s successes, but there’s still some room for improvement.” Read Full Review 80/100
TerminalGamer.com F1 2011 has roared into a retail store near you. Should you race for the checkered flag, or just leave this one in the pits? Read our review to find out. Read Full Review 80/100
IncGamers I’ll put your mind at ease right now, F1 2011 is a superior game to F1 2010; there’s more to do, the gameplay is improved and this year’s new F1 rules have been implemented almost in their entirety (depending on which difficulty you choose to play on). But, like all of games of this ilk, it’s arguable as to whether it’s a game worth buying for anyone other than those that are going to recognise what are largely subtle changes. Read Full Review 80/100
Atomic Gamer When it comes to racing sims, I thought that Forza Motorsport 3 and Gran Turismo were the fastest and most intense, but after spending some time with Need for Speed SHIFT 2, I found its in-car experience to be even more exhilarating. There’s a new challenger in town now, though, and its name is F1 2011. Read Full Review 80/100




Genre: Racing
Style: Formula-1/Indy Racing
Release Date: September 20, 2011
Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: Codemasters Software, Inc.

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