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Based on 4 critics – Overal Score: 69 / 100

GameInfo: Nuclear Dawn is the first game to offer a full FPS and RTS experience, vvithin a single gameplay model, vvithout crippling or diluting either side of the game.

As a soldier, explore vvar-torn post-apocalyptic landscapes, modelled on modern cities, and take the fight to your enemies as armoured, assault or stealth infantry, using various vveapons across ten distinct load-outs to accomplish your objectives. The first person shooter action in Nuclear Dawn is hard, fast and unforgiving, vvith vveapons that rely on skill and tactics more than on tvvitch reflexes and map memorization.

Then, take Nuclear Dawn above the action, and play as the commander. Organize your fellovv players in squads, and assign them to tactical objectives. Plan the resource routes for your army, and production of your structures for forvvard deployment. Exploit the terrain and resource point locations to block your enemies’ advance, and crush their plans in an iron fist. Research and implement new technologies to give your soldiers the edge on the battlefield, and set up forward bases to lead the assault on your enemies, vvith a full complement of defensive and offensive structures to choose from, to build your perfect fortress.

Critic Score
Intense Gaming TV Nuclear Dawn is a true multiplayer designed experience. There isn’t a single player campaign so all the focus went towards a user experience online. Interwave wanted to create a real battlefield with a commander and soldiers. With that idea in place we received a Real Time Strategy First Person Shooter experience that may be unlike everything you have experienced. Read Full Review 85/100 Want to blast other players in a nuclear obliterated landscape whilst building your people skills in a team-building experience? If so, this game is for you. Read Full Review 70/100
BeefJack “NUCLEAR DAWN is the latest in a long line of Source Engine mods that have been given a commercial release. Can Interwave Studios’ FPS/RTS hybrid become a classic of Counter-Strike proportions? Find out why it’s unlikely in our review…” Read Full Review 61/100
Pixels or Death Pixels or Death’s Patrick Lindsey reviews Nuclear Dawn, the upcoming FPS/RTS hybrid from Interwave:

“At the heart of the machine sits our Commander. If we soldiers are the engine that drives our team to victory, our Commander is the schematic that we follow, the lubricant that makes our machine run smoothly as a single unit. From his position in the command bunker, he views the battle from above. He is the only one with a view of the whole picture, deciding where to place the turrets, when to drop a supply station, and then erecting them with an omnipotence not shared by us grunts.” Read Full Review





Genre(s): First-person shooter, Real-Time Strategy
Developer: InterWave Studios
Publisher: InterWave Studios
Release Date: September 26, 2011
Web Site:

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