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Based on 3 critics – Overal Score: 77 / 100

GameInfo: The future of train simulation is here! Train Simulator 2012 puts you right inside the cab, driving incredibly realistic steam, diesel and electric trains on stunning real-vvorld routes in the UK, US and Germany. Built-in tutorials help you get to grips vvith the controls and different driving techniques. The Cab Control interface makes it easy 4 beginners to drive straight avvay, vvhile expert mode allows you to drive with accurate locomotive controls. Exhilarating scenarios allovv you to put your skills to the test; you can even upload your score on the worldwide Steam leader board.

With more than 70 scenarios to play, Train Simulator 2012 offers hours of driving pleasure. Drive a classic General Motors F7 diesel locomotive through the searing heat of the California desert, or experience high speed in the cab of the fantastic Hitachi Super Express. Drive a BR101 vvith a freight train through the German Alps, or shunt cattle vvagons at Evercreech Junction vvith a Black 5 steam locomotive. And if your favourite locomotive or route is not included, we have the largest range of top-quality add-ons vvith more than 90 downloadable routes and locomotives to choose from, vvith more being added all the time.

Critic Score
Brash Games “If you have played Railworks 2, you will know how good it was, and no doubt you will be awaiting the release of Railworks 3 AKA Train Simulator 2012. Railworks 2 was slick, smooth and responsive; generally it had an excellent feel to it when compared with veteran simulators like Microsoft Train Simulator”. Read Full Review 90/100
Avault It’s been said that all girls go through a “horse phase” at some point. Likewise, most boys have, at some point, experienced the intoxicating thrill that iron horses bring. If you haven’t grown out of this state, then you’re not alone: neither have the talented developers at Rail Simulation, makers of the popular RailWorks series. They’ve poured their love of everything on two rails into Train Simulator 2012, and it shows in every billow of steam. Read Full Review 80/100
Midlife Gamer “Never before has a game made me feel like I’m harbouring a filthy secret. A secret so disturbing it has driven me to spend the last four weeks deceiving those dearest to me, waiting until my wife and daughter have left the house and drawing the curtains before sitting down to indulge myself. Fear not friends, you won’t find me dancing to Lady Gaga wearing pvc hot pants and a ball gag, no its far more serious than a little harmless gimp dancing, the truth is… I have become a secret train driver.” Read Full Review 80/100
IncGamers …I’m guessing that if you clicked on this review you’re either genuinely interested in the title or keen to embark on a safari-like expedition into the niche realms of the industry. Read Full Review 60/100




Genre: Simulation
Release Date: 23 Sep 2011
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