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Based on 4 critics – Overal Score: 53 / 100

GameInfo: Astro Tripper is a shoot-em-up video game by PomPom Games. The game allows the player to explore freely anywhere on the platform at anytime, with the exception on Hard mode and above where it’s not possible to fall off the designated area. Available weapons include Blue Lasers and a Red Spread weapon which can be used tactically to get through tricky situations. Weapons can be powered up with power crystals dropped by destroyed enemies. Completion of portions can unlock Challenge Games. Players can also compete in the Global Online Rankings. The game goes on indefinitely until the player has lost all his/her lives.

Critic Score
LAG: I’m sure everyone, deep in their sub-conscious, has fond memories of Christmas. I remember vividly that for one Christmas all I wanted was a spaceship, a real one. In retrospect that’s a pretty big ask to place into the hands of my parents but if the Thunderbirds could have spaceships then why not me? Ah the impeccable logic of a six year old. I bring this up because as I played Astro Tripper (a top down shoot-em-up from PomPom Games, available on Steam and PSN) I couldn’t help but think if I actually got my spaceship for that fateful Christmas, my life would hopefully be something like this. Read Full Review 65/100
GamesRadar: This is a fizzing neon vision of the scrolling shooter: a limited left-right arena in which waves of beautifully abstract baddies come whirling towards you, spitting bullets as they go, and turning into even more deadly enemies if you don’t deal with them swiftly. In other words, Astro Tripper is pure videogame. Read Full Review 60/100
GamePro: Retro coolness and colorful neon graphics can’t offset Astro Tripper’s brutally difficult challenge and hand-cramping controls. Make no mistake: this trip is one hard mo-fo. Read Full Review 50/100
Armless Octopus: “The past few years have seen several coin-op classics such as Pac-man and Space Invaders revitalized by infusing new energy into the gameplay and injecting them with an unhealthy dose of neon, strobing lights. The new remixes were wildly popular with critics and gamers alike, and now PomPom Games has taken a similar, albeit less official, route in updating the classic arcade game, Defender. I hope you’re wearing your Hank the Tank T-shirt, because we’re kickin’ trippin’ it old school with Astro Tripper.” Read Full Review 40/100



Genre(s): Side scrolling shoot-em-up
Developer: PomPom Games
Release Date: Sep 15, 2011
Web Site:

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