Battle Slots Synopsis

Battle Slots puts a new “spin” on traditional slot games. Instead of playing to win money, you’ll play to defeat a series of enemies. Similar in design to Puzzle Quest, you’ll select a character and travel across an overhead map to receive quests and engage in one-on-one battles with various creatures. Each battle’s outcome is based on the random results of a slot machine, which can be customized over time by adding new symbols.

Each spin on your five-reel slot machine can earn you magic points, attack points, experience points, gold, and/or summons, depending on the types of symbols that appear. Magic and attack points can be saved and used in battle to activate techniques to damage your enemy, protect you from harm, or manipulate the slot machine. Your opponent has its own slot machine and will attempt to attack you on its turn. Battle Slots includes more than 100 locales and close to 200 quests to complete.

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