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GameInfo: Battlefield 3 is a first-person shooter action video game, being developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and to be published by Electronic Arts.

Battlefield 3 leaves behind all its competitors, thanks to the incredible power of the new game engine Frostbite 2 from DICE. In this work of art based the entire Battlefield 3, offering the player a great quality of graphics, locations of incredible magnitude, the total destruction of objects, dynamic sound and realistic character animation. You will be able to experience the battlefield like never before, with the whistling bullets around, crumbling walls and knocks you off your feet by explosions. In Battlefield 3, players will become an elite U.S. Marine Corps and immerse yourself in the exciting task of single player and superb multiplayer battles across the world, including Paris, Tehran and New York.
Review: I started playing the Battlefield series when the early beta of
Battlefield 1942 came out. I’ve played every Battlefield game there is
and this one is by far the worst. There are just so many things wrong
with it. From EA banning people from being able to play who complain on
their forums, to numerous bugs, to people not even being able to
download and/or install the downloadable version and then EA refusing to
refund their money when they have a game that doesn’t even work, the
list seems almost endless.

The game now requires you to run it in
a web browser and to make matter worse, you must also run their new
gaming service, Origin, which is a buggy, bloated, CPU hog. It takes
Origin almost as much time to load as Windows 7 on my two computers.
Once you get it running it wants to load at start-up and every new
version will try to slip this by you.

When, if ever, you do get
the game working, you’ll wish you hadn’t. After waiting several minutes
for Origin to load, you then must wait some more for the web browser
part to load as well. Then, when you think you’ve joined a multiplayer
game, sometimes you will and often you won’t. It will just say
loading…. FOREVER. The graphics are stunning, but not always in a
good way. Too many lens flairs, too much gloss, and too many artifacts.

the problems don’t end there. I’ve never been a fan of the medals
system. Bright shinny things don’t appeal to me and this game is
littered with them. Every time you turn around you get a ribbon of some
kind. Sometimes you’ll get the same ribbon 8 times in a round. Is
that really necessary? Does it really add to the game or is it more to
appeal to young children?

I’ve probably played two games where
the teams were somewhat balanced. 99.9% of the time all of the best
players will migrate to the same team and then spend most of their time
killing the noobs. How this can remain interesting after 5 seconds is a
mystery to me. I find it dull, yet there is nothing to stop it. The
bunny hopping from previous games is still present. Once again EA/DICE
have turned a deaf ear on fixing this problem, so most players hop
around constantly. Now there is a new issue which seems to be getting
equally ignored. People run around with their gun flashlights on so
that it will flash a bright white light at you, even in daylight and
distract you while they take advantage of this bug and shoot you. On
your screen you’ll see nothing but white, and can’t see where to shoot
the enemy back.

These are just a few of the many numerous bugs in
BF3, but the real problem is that they have dumbed the game down to
make it playable on consoles. Like many former PC only games, this one
has been lobotomized and now doesn’t play anywhere near as intelligently
as its predecessors. It is no longer a good teamplay game. It is a
run and gun.

There is another issue that die hard Battlefield
fans on the PC like me really hate. No longer can you load a server and
learn. It used to be you could load up a server on your own with bots
and learn how to play the game. Try on some of the guns for size. See
how things work and try to figure them out. Those days are over. Now
you are FORCED to play against people when you don’t have any idea what
is going on or how to play so you become cannon fodder while you’re
trying to learn. To make matters worse, most of the other players have
much better guns, equipment, armor, etc., making it even harder to play
against them or learn anything. More than once, I would empty my clip
into my enemy only to have him turn around while being shot numerous
times and shoot me once, and kill me, then he would run off, like I was
shooting water at him. Was he cheating? Who knows? These kinds of
things happen all the time, so often to ruin the game.

This will be my last Battlefield game. I am done with both EA and DICE. They have ruined this wonderful franchise.

Verdict: 20/100       



Genre: Shooter
Style: First-Person Shooter
Release Date: October 25, 2011
Developer: EA DICE
Publisher: Electronic Arts

One thought on “Battlefield 3 PC Reviews and more”

  1. TOTAL GARBAGE,this game has been force reviewed by company people posing as public. i have full spec up to date gaming pc all up to date. 1st couldnt install the game properly took hours. 2nd game control engine has changed its awfull 3rd graphics are messy and laggy very cluttered.
    they have changed all the game engines when there was no need, in the last game they were fantastic and worked a treat if it aint broke dont fix it. i sent my game back to amazon within a day was dissapointed as i pre oredered it. if you look on multiplay everybodys comming back to the old game. and you can see on ebay how many are getting sold on. never mind hope the next one is better.

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