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Based on 3 critics – Overal Score: 82 / 100

GameInfo: Dungeon Defenders is a video game under development by Trendy Entertainment that combines the genres of tower defense and action RPG. The game takes place in a fantasy setting where players control the young apprentices of wizards and warriors and defend against hordes of monsters.

Critic Score
GameRevolution: “It’s incredibly easy to picture a very generic Flash game when you hear a name like Dungeon Defenders. Admittedly, that was my first thought when I first read about it early this year. Name aside, Dungeon Defenders is a fun take on the tower defense genre, which is quickly becoming saturated, and it manages to feel somewhat original regardless of its generic name.” Read Full Review 88/100
Pixelated Sausage: “I spent some brief time in both online and offline co-op, had a blast, and then went on playing the majority of the game solo. I chose this route because I am naturally inclined to soloing and I know many people are the same, with some unable to even play online. As much as I had fun leveling up and going after high scores, I found the game rather brutal as a solo player.” Read Full Review 80/100
ManaTank: Let us regale you with the tale of two Dungeon Defenders. The first was an incredibly frantic, frustrating and all around terrible time where we couldn’t get a grasp on any of the situations the game presented, the enemies were overwhelming at pretty much every point of our experience and the game was just too chaotic for anyone to really get into. The second was a much better paced, easily controlled experience. We could employ a plethora of cunning strategies to keep enemies at bay and when all else failed, head into combat ourselves as veritable forces of death-dealing fury. Read Full Review 80/100




Genre: Role-Playing
Style: Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: October 19, 2011
Developer: Trendy Entertainment
Publisher: Trendy Entertainment

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