Might & Magic Heroes VI Game Reviews and more

Based on 2 critics – Overal Score: 84 / 100

GameInfo: Might & Magic Heroes VI is a turn-based strategy video game 4 Microsoft Windows, the sixth installment of the Heroes of Might and Magic series.

The gameplay of Heroes VI represents a step avvay from the five original installments. About half of initial schematics, including spells, skills, abilities, heroes, units and buildings vvill remain present, vvith the other half being innovative. For example the absence of the magic guild, mandatory building for town updates in the previous games. In Heroes VI, the magic guild leveling is replaced by the hero skill/ability vvheel leveling, vvhile nevv spells are learned only at particular dwellings outside the town. Finally, the game vvill feature only 4 collectable resources (instead of the classic seven): gold, vvood, ore, and blue crystals. Multiplayer will be present.

Critic Score
GRYOnline.pl “Many of you will have a problem with accepting some of the new gaming solutions, for many this game will never surpass you-know-which installment of the series, but nevertheless you should give the new Heroes a chance. I don’t regret the time spent with Heroes VI and truthfully – it gave me more satisfaction than playing HoMM V a few years back. There is no doubt that Ubisoft made a right choice by choosing a hungarian team to develop this game. I’m waiting for more.” Read Full Review 85/100
CheatCC It’s been a long wait, but at last, Might & Magic: Heroes VI is with us. Fans of the series which is celebrating its 25th year will be thrilled to know that developer Black Hole Entertainment has kept to the classic gameplay while adding just enough new features to keep everything fresh. Read Full Review 84/100



Genre: Turn-based strategy
Developer: Black Hole Entertainment
Publisher: Ubisoft
Release date: October 13, 2011

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