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Based on 3 critics – Overal Score: 63 / 100

GameInfo: Off-Road Drive is an off-road driving simulation game.
Cross-country driving in specially tuned Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) is the real challenge for determined and tough extreme sports drivers. This sport becomes more and more popular across the world every day.

Off-Road Drive lets players participate in various international competitions never seen before in a video game. All virtual contests are the exact duplicates of the real ones, including various extreme driving and use of the rules established by the international auto sports federations.

Vehicles in the game have the same features as the real prototypes. Each one belongs to a certain class suitable for certain competitions and fully complies with the international requirements. While completing the tracks in varying difficulties, players not only control the speed and heading of the vehicle, but locking the main, front and rear differential gears, using the winch, shifting into low gear and adjusting tire pressure.

Critic Score
NoobFeed: With all things taken into consideration, Off-Road Drive is an ambitious racing game that easily does more things right than wrong. But at the same time, this title still feels a bit too much like proof-of-concept. Read Full Review 75/100
Strategy Informer: “If you’ve ever felt like the DiRT series focussed too much on obscure capitals and not enough on muck, then Off Road Drive is the game for you. Not only is its title grammatically correct, no other racer I have encountered simulates filth quite so well. Be it earth, mud, grit, soil, sand, quicksand, bogs, marshes, sloughs, swamps or quagmires, Off Road Drive has trawled through the thesaurus and ticked them off with its grimy finger.” Read Full Review 70/100
Fraggs: Dual transfer cases, low-pressure over-sized tires clamped into bead-lock wheels, roll cages, bobbed beds –these were serious works of art, consumers of money, and causes for language even sailors would be taken aback by. Off-Road Drive attempts to simulate the conditions that these driven individuals prepared their vehicles for, and while successful, doesn’t provide a satisfying game experience. Read Full Review 50/100



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  1. This is a niche game for 4×4 enthusiasts. I'm super stoked that this kind of game finally exists. It's all about the challenge of getting through obstacles with out getting stuck. You have to play the game as if you were on the trail. A lot of kids are not going to get it unless they wheel. Anyone who wheels will appreciate the game because it the best to date simulator out so far.

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