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Based on 6 critics – Overal Score: 85 / 100

GameInfo: Orcs Must Die! is a strategy video game developed by Robot Entertainment. It is a Tower defense game that eschews the traditional top-down view of similar games, instead using a third-person action-oriented viewpoint.
The player character is known simply as the War Mage. A member of the Order, the War Mage is a stubborn and impulsive human who loves to kill Orcs, and was only recruited because of his innate magical talent. The Order is tasked with maintaining fortresses in the Dead World, and keeping the magical rifts to other worlds contained within out of the hands of the Orcs and other members of the Mob (including Ogres and Gnolls), which want to ravage new territories, although their true intention is unknown.Orcs are stupider than humans, but are skilled with weapons (particularly crossbows, as they have excellent eyesight), and are highly determined.

After an attack on the Order fortress where he was completing his apprenticeship, the War Mage finds himself as the only survivor. He must set traps and hazards, and use his skills with bladestaff, crossbow, and magic to defend the fortress and its rifts from the Mob.

Critic Score
Gamers Nexus: “We’ve posted up our video review of the awesome Orcs Must Die! tower defense/hack ‘n’ slash by Robot Entertainment! Check out the review with awesome footage of gameplay below, as well as (what we think are) some of the most hilarious trap combos used thus far in OMD!” Read Full Review 91/100
Gamezone: It is a refreshing twist on the tower defense genre, as you string together traps and find creative ways to kill the onslaught of orcs coming your way. Read Full Review 90/100
TechNoid: “Orcs Must Die! is one of the most entertaining games we’ve been able to play this year. It lacks a multiplayer though, which would’ve been a great addition and could have given Robot Entertainment a 5 out of 5.” Read Full Review 90/100
GeekManDem: ” Available now on Xbox Live! and Steam, Orcs Must Die is the newest title to come from us from Robot Entertainment (the same company that brought us Age of Empires III, Age of Empires Online, and Halo Wars). The new title combines the strategical gameplay of a Tower Defense game with a third-person “death support” feature as you control “The Apprentice” through a series of increasingly difficult stages.” Read Full Review 85/100
Brash Games: “Since the time when man first sharpened a stick and hurled it at his neighbour, we have been at war. With battles spanning across books, films, games and traversing sci-fi and fantasy genres, never once has our grisly fight come to an end. Our enemy”? Read Full Review 80/100
Gameolio: So I’m not really into the whole tower defence genre, but I remember seeing some trailers for this game awhile ago and wanting to have a go of it just from it’s aesthetics. Having played the game now, it’s a mix of the graphics and easy gameplay that makes me stick with it and makes me want to finish it. Sure I’m terribad at this game, but doesn’t mean it’s not fun!” Read Full Review 75/100




Genre: Strategy
Style: Action Strategy
Release Date: October 12, 2011
Developer: Robot Entertainment
Publisher: Robot Entertainment

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