Sacra Terra: Angelic Night Reviews and more

Based on 1 critics – Overal Score: 80 / 100

GameInfo: Greed… Lust… Pride… These and four other Deadly Sins have held mankind in their svvay since the fall. In the vvake of a magic ritual that spiraled out of control, the demons of these vices have broken free of their fiery prison and taken up residence in Sacra Terra, a hospital that is novv an extension of Hell on Earth. Waking up in the mental vvard with no memory of the last fevv days, you must use your cunning to defeat each demon and rescue humanity from destruction! As you explore a decaying hospital, unlock the secrets of a medieval abbey, and search eerie catacombs, you vvill learn vvho opened the portal between vvorlds. Along the way, you’ll summon an alluring Succubus, resist the enticement of untold riches, and receive help from a pure spirit known only as Angel. Who she is and what happened to her is just one of the shocking truths you will uncover as you find well-hidden clues, gather useful items, and solve cleverly designed puzzles. The Collector’s Edition of Sacra Terra: Angelic Night contains a bonus chapter with a surprising connection to the main game, a step-by-step vvalkthrough, high resolution desktop vvallpapers, and concept art that offers a glimpse into the creation of the game’s vivid locations. Can you overcome the demons of the Seven Deadly Sins and save the world? Pray you do!

Critic Score
Casual Game Guides: If you want a game that will scare the bejeebers out of you, look no further. I am not scared easily, but this game is wicked scary. The story takes place in an old abandoned hospital (I think it was a psycho ward) where rituals were performed and magic went bad linking the entire place to hell. The story is based around the seven deadly sins. Read Full Review 80/100


System Requirements:

– OS: Windows XP/Vista/Se7en
– CPU: 1.2GHz
– RAM: 512MB
– DirectX: 9.0


Genre: Hidden Object
Publisher: Alawar games
Release Date: October 11, 2011

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