Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Reviews and more

Based on 3 critics – Overal Score: 85 / 100

GameInfo: Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure is an Action-Adventure game spin-off from the Spyro series designed 4 younger players that unlocks a vvhole nevv game universe while incorporating a unique gameplay mechanic utilizing more than 30 physical action figures that synch with consoles creating in-game character representations.

The first release in the Skylander series, Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Starter Pack contains three action figures, an exclusive game peripheral as vvell as other items. Action figures are compatible vvith all versions of the game. The game features co-op and competitive multiplayer, mini-games and more.

Critic Score
Ginx Skylanders is shaping up to be this Christmas’s must have game with the action figures flying of the shelf. We fire up our “Portal of Power” to see what the fuss is about and meet up with our old friend Spyro and a whole host of his crazy new friends. Good luck choosing a favourite. Read Full Review 100/100
Death By Robots Fun games for the sake of having fun are few and far between. They tend to come in the form of cheap and cheerful arcade games. Admittedly they are also aimed at a younger market… Read Full Review 90/100
Good Game SP Overall I really wish the game had been more difficult and consistent… I found myself just burning through each level in record time and then getting frustrated at the end. Also, the RPG elements were a little too simplistic – I think the devs have underestimated young gamers’ skills a bit with this one. Read Full Review 65/100



Style: Action Adventure
Release Date: October 16, 2011
Publisher: Activision, Inc.

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