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Based on 3 critics – Overal Score: 64 / 100

GameInfo: Stronghold 3 is the long-awaited third installment in the award winning castle-building series. Set 10 years after the original, the Wolf it seems, has cheated death and during his painful recovery hes become even more bitter and twisted. Now he seeks revenge. Raiding villages and towns during the dead of night, the Wolf has created a tide of panic and you and your allies are the only force that stand against him. In this stunning new update to the world’s favorite Castle Sim – will you triumph by day or die by night?

Critic Score
CheatCC Many gamers are wary about Stronghold 3—which isn’t surprising, considering that Stronghold 2 was widely considered a disappointment. To save the franchise, developer Firefly has tried to eliminate the overly complicated elements that made Stronghold 2 so fiddly, rekindle the magic of the original games in the series, and add a modern touch with some new features. Read Full Review 74/100 “Stronghold 3 is a brilliant PC game in every way, bar one – it feels broken.” Read Full Review 60/100
Hooked Gamers “Men enjoy taking things apart but for that we need to have something that is whole first. Stronghold 3 is so poorly put together that there is no enjoyment to be had here and even the babies are crying.” Read Full Review 58/100



Genre: Strategy
Style: 3D Real-Time Strategy
Release Date: October 25, 2011
Developer: FireFly Studios
Publisher: SouthPeak Interactive

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