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Based on 4 critics – Overal Score:68 / 100

GameInfo: Cities XL 2012 is a city simulator developed by Focus Home Interactive. Cities XL 2012 is the third game in the Cities XL franchise. New features include new structures, new maps, a starter guide, opens the game to modding and allows you to share your mods. It will be fully compatible with Cities XL 2011 version with a discounted upgrade available. An expansion pack is being released simultaneously.

Critic Score
WGTC At the end of the day, Cities XL 2012 is a solid simulation game. It feels like it’s meant for players who have been playing simulation games for a long time. I don’t suggest it for people trying to get into simulation games, but it’s definitely worth being in the collection of anyone who plays them frequently. It’s not the most amazing thing since Sim Ant, but it’s fine where it stands. Read Full Review 80/100
The Digital Fix City building games appeal to a certain type of player, those people who favour ‘god-sims’ where their every decision effects the life and well-being of the virtual world they control. Some of these players can still be found whiling away a Sunday afternoon playing Sim City 4 wanting nothing better than to build and control their very own little metropolis only to destroy it later with meteor strike or alien invasion. So with the release of Cities XL 2012 they have a chance to see how the genre has moved on since 2003. Read Full Review 70/100
Destructoid It’s been awhile since I have played a good city builder. I’ll admit that it can be a hard genre to sell, and we don’t see a whole lot of them today. Thankfully, Cities XL 2012 is out, and it’s a great expansion to Cities XL 2011. If you already own 2011, you can pick up 2012 for just $14.99. This makes it more like an expansion for some, and if you are a newcomer to the series, it’s still worth $39.99. Read Full Review 65/100
Home improvements Imagine a house. Just a simple, ordinary house. It’s functional and cosy, even well-designed when viewed from certain angles; but the extremities of the building have some ugly flaws. The gutters were attached at a wonky angle, and someone left a few Christmas decorations stuck up on the roof, which now look sad and slightly creepy when it rains. Read Full Review 60/100




Genre: Simulation
Style: Construction/Building Sim
Release Date: November 1, 2011
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

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