City of Heroes Freedom Reviews

Based on 1 critics – Overal Score: 86 / 100

GameInfo: City of Heroes Freedom is the world’s most popular super-powered MMO, that you can now play for free. Create your own Hero or Villain with completely customizable powers and millions of costume options. Soar across fantastic cities, journey to alternate dimensions, or team up to battle epic otherworldly creatures. Join millions of players as you take part in the greatest super-powered adventure.

Critic Score
PCGamer Surprised that City of Heroes went free-to-play? Of course not. Make a list of all the RPGs that could easily get away with gouging their audiences into oblivion, and an ageing but popular one that’s already built on genuine character customisation is always going to come top. Can’t you just see the accountants now, dancing naked through their editors with a pricing-gun, before retreating to their dark lair to watch the money come tumbling in from all those fire swords and boob-windowed leotards and whatnot? Read Full Review 86/100


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