Fate of the World: Tipping Point Reviews and more

Based on 2 critics – Overal Score: 65 / 100

GameInfo: Fate of the World is a PC strategy game that simulates the real social and environmental impact of global climate change over the next 200 years. The science, the politics, the destruction – it’s all real, and it’s scary.

Your mission: Solve the crisis. But, like life, it won’t be easy. You’ll have to work through natural disasters, foreign diplomacy, clandestine operations, technological breakthroughs, and somehow satisfy the food and energy needs of a growing world population. Will you help the planet or become an agent of destruction?

Critic Score
GamerHome: Fate of the world: tipping point is a very enjoyable and entertaining exercise for your mind, which can also familiarize you with some of the very real problems that our little planet is facing. Most PC gamers will come into this game thinking that they will dominate it, only to realize after several hours of gameplay that they might not possess as much knowledge about global affairs as they had originally thought. Read Full Review 80/100
Default Prime: Gets a taste of what it might be like to have to solve the world’s problem of global warming. It’s certainly a powerful simulation, but does it make a good video game? Read Full Review 50/100



System requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
DirectX 9c
2.33 GHz


Genre: Strategy, Indie, Casual, Simulation
Developer: Red Redemption
Publisher: Red Redemption
Release Date: 29 Sep 2011

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