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Based on 8 critics – Overal Score: 90 / 100

GameInfo: In Saints Row: The Third, fame and fortune come at a bittersweet price for the kings of Stilwater. Faced with serious demands from the legendary criminal fraternity, the Syndicate, the Saints must hit the streets of Steelport to trample their new rivals – and defend their status. Get ready for intense action, grueling gang violence and outlandish situations to spare as you take on a decaying city of sin in an all-new battle with the Saints. Buckle up and take a massive tank on a wild ride – through the sky. Duke it out against trained military forces and call in a strategic airstrike on a Mexican wrestling gang. With grit and guts galore, you and your gang will never kneel to an enemy. After all, just because you’re a Saint doesn’t mean you have to behave.

Critic Score
ClickOnline Saints Row: The Third has finally taken the series out of the shadows cast upon it by RockStar’s Grand Theft Auto series, and has masterfully carved its own place in video game folklore. To call it brilliant wouldn’t be an overstatement, and we strongly suspect that this will be ranking high when it comes time to compile our games of the year list. Read Full Review–saints-row-the-third/4237/
ZTGD Saints Row The Third surprised the heck out of me. The GTA comparisons are inevitable, but they are vastly different games. While both hold a mirror up to reality, the reflections are vastly different. As absurd as GTA gets, it still keeps one foot firmly planted in reality. Saints Row has taken a flying leap off the roof of reality, howling the F-bomb while chugging a licensed energy drink all the way down… and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Read Full Review
Joystiq Having only played SR3 in the Saints Row series, I can’t say for sure whether or not there were massive leaps taken with the latest entry, but I can say that it feels brand new. Beyond the dense, dangerous, opportunity-filled open world, there’s another mission type around every corner. Saints Row: The Third doesn’t play like recent THQ efforts have — all bark and no bite — but instead feels like a labor of love. It feels like the developers had fun, and they wanted you to feel it too. And I promise, you will. Read Full Review
IGXPRO Saints Row: The Third is worth every penny spent on it. It was even worth the dick-face back-order I had to sit through. The smartphone menu is convenient idea without being annoying like in GTA 4. The graphics are smooth and streamlined, and the animations work well together. The new and extra content is very different from its predecessors. The character customization is just a big orgy of fun. There’s even an achievement for being transsexual for two hours. If you like manipulating the size of your genitalia, this game is pretty much entirely for you. Read Full Review
GotGame “I’m not going to lie to you, I have been waiting for Saints Row: The Third to come out for a loooooong time. Pretty much ever since Saints Row 2 came out, I played the living hell out of it and authoritatively declared that it was everything the Grand Theft Auto series used to be and now held the title of most extremely awesome over-the-top third person sandbox thrill ride I have patiently counting down the days to the sequels release. But now that it’s actually here I find myself at a crossroads. Do I like this game or am I in love with it?” Read Full Review
AtomicGamer Even with a style that can be a bit overbearing after a while, I had a ton of fun playing through Saints Row: The Third on both 360 and PC. There were some issues to be found here and there, but most of these unscripted bits of broken action make the game better and funnier – even if they are bugs – and make the whole thing an intensely amusing, high-octane action game that makes it seem like the whole engine’s barely holding up, but it’s generally doing just fine. I have no idea where the Saints go from here, but then again, I didn’t after SR2 either, and it turned out that they had an even wilder and more entertaining adventure this time. If you get this game, make sure to play it with a friend, because that’s the best way to play. Read Full Review
AusGamers “Saints Row: The Third is The Jersey Shore of videogames: fake, stupid, garish and endlessly amusing in a terrible and compulsive way. You’ll hate yourself for loving it, but it won’t stop you from coming back for more. Throw it on at a party and watch people tear themselves apart in laughter. The hallmark of a big, dumb fun game…” Read Full Review
G4MERS “What you doing in Steelport, the main town of Saint Row: The Third, that even James Bond played by Pierce Brosnan would not be ashamed. “Candy GTA” offers a full-fledged council, making the man who plays in it, it focuses only on how Effects deprive another of life encountered form, and by the way that you can earn a bit of (currency in the game), then all sorts of ideas come to us from ease.” Read Full Review




Genre: Action
Style: Action Adventure
Themes: Crime Pays, Urban
Release Date: November 15, 2011
Developer: Volition, Inc.
Publisher: THQ, Inc.

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