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Based on 5 critics – Overal Score: 56 / 100

GameInfo: Afterfall: InSanity – horror third-person shooter that takes place after the events of a fictional cold war between Nazi Germany and the United States and the Soviet Union. However, their truce was short-lived, and in 2012 the world was facing a terrible nuclear war. In order to survive the catastrophe, humanity moved from the contaminated surface into the bunkers, mines and huge cities underground. You Play the role of a psychologist named Albert, who is part of a team of medical scientists who are responsible for monitoring the psychological stability of people …

Critic Score
zConnection Afterfall: InSanity is Polish “Dead Space meets Fallout” with a significant lack of polish, and ultimately a linear third-person shooter with a mildly interesting setting and a few puzzles that demand critical thinking. It’s occasionally scary, but not extremely so, making it a less than apt choice if fear is what you’re after. Read Full Review 71/100
VideoGameWriters I’m not a gambling man, but I’d lay pretty good odds that when Mass Effect 3 is released in March, gamers will be greeted with a slick, polished, technically impressive, and compelling experience. As exciting as the triple-A games can be, though, there’s rarely the experience of stumbling onto something unique, unexpected, or possibly disastrous and laughably inept. Read Full Review 60/100
Gamespot Imagine being trapped in a fallout shelter after a nuclear bomb transforms the outside world into an unrecognizable wasteland. The tight community of survivors is clawing at the walls to break free, desperate to return to the happier times that everyone still so clearly remembers. In this claustrophobic state, people’s sanity begins to slowly unravel. Now imagine being the psychiatrist who has to listen to everyone’s problems, day in and day out, until your own thoughts have been tainted by the crazed mutterings of everyone around you. Afterfall: Insanity uses this bleak setup to draw you into this world–to feel the prisonlike restrictions of your domicile–and makes you want to see how this haunted tale plays out. Sadly, the act of playing is rife with problems. Tedious combat serves as your main means of interaction, and the early going is so linear and trite that it’s easy to lose focus. But Afterfall: Insanity provides enough atmospheric touches to make it worth pushing through the multitude of problems. Read Full Review 60/100
Reaction Time Afterfall: Insanity is not a bad game. It’s mediocre, but certainly not horrible. You can see that the young developers from Intoxicate are ambitious and have a future in the industry. However, they still need to mature. More money for their project wouldn’t hurt either. So, what is Afterfall in the end? It’s a promise of sorts. It’s an investment – buying this title will encourage the development team to improve their skills and make better products in the future. Afterfall is a good start. Only time can tell if they really have what it takes to make it in this business. From what I’ve seen in Afterfall, I can say yes, but they have a really long road ahead of them. Read Full Review 50/100
Original Gamer Afterfall: Insanity was distributed based on an interesting premise; if it managed to pick up ten million pre-orders, all worth only a single dollar, the developers of Intoxicate Studios promised to donate ten percent of that to charity. Understandably, and as far as I have been able to tell, they did not reach this goal. And while the game is certainly worth the original one dollar they were asking for, I can’t honestly say that I would be willing to pay much more than that. Read Full Review 40/100



Genre(s): Survival horror, third-person shooter
Developer: Intoxicate Studios
Publisher: Nicolas Entertainment Group
Release date: November 25, 2011

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