Aselia the Eternal Reviews and more

Based on 1 critics – Overal Score: 89 / 100

GameInfo: Aselia The Eternal, a quite complete and fully voiced romantic (though non-adult) RPG by Xuse has been released in English by JAST.

– Over 50 Hours of RPG Gameplay
– 21 Playable Characters
– 9 Unique Endings
– 23 Tactical Missions
– 99 Character Levels, 3 Difficulty Levels
– 38 Towns and Villages to Conquer
– Hundreds of Skill Upgrades
– Secret Items and “Easter Eggs”
– Massive Replay Value

Critic Score
RPGFan It’s an extremely rare occasion when a game that spans dozens of hours keeps you entertained at the start, the end, and nearly every minute in the middle. How long has it been since you’ve played a game that really challenged you? How long has it been since you’ve actually cared about the characters you’re tasked with keeping alive? How long has it been since you played something truly original? Not only does Aselia the Eternal bring all these things to the table, it brings so much more with it as well. Read Full Review 89/100



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