Fear for Sale: Sunnyvale Story Reviews

Based on 1 critics – Overal Score: 80 / 100

GameInfo: Take on another incredible mystery in Fear for Sale: Sunnyvale! Investigate a strange murder and get to the bottom of a complicated case. After making it to the scene of the crime, a deputy is kidnapped by a terrifying ghost house that appears out of nowhere! Discover the connection between the latest murder, and another killing that occured many years ago. Put your detective skills to use and appease the ghosts in Fear For Sale: Sunnyvale!

Critic Score
Casual Game Guides The premise of the game is that you are a reporter sent to investigate a recent string of disappearances in the town Sunnyvale. When you get to the town, the mayor tells you that they are not allowing members of the press into town and that if you do enter town, he will have you arrested! Definitely something fishy is going on here, so you begin to investigate. 80/100


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