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GameInfo: Star Wars: The Old Republic, abbreviated as TOR or SWTOR, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game based in the Star Wars universe.

The story takes place in the Star Wars fictional universe shortly after the establishment of a tenuous peace between the re-emergent Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, 300 years after the events of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games, and more than 3,500 years before the events in the Star Wars films. The Jedi are held responsible for the success of the Sith during the devastating 28-year-long Great Galactic War (which led to the Treaty of Coruscant prior to the Cold War), and thus choose to relocate from Coruscant to Tython, where the Jedi Order had initially been founded, to seek guidance from the Force. The Sith control Korriban, where they have re-established a Sith Academy. The game begins 10 years later as new conflicts arise.

A collaborative effort between BioWare, LucasArts and Dark Horse Comics has resulted in webcomics entitled Star Wars: The Old Republic – Threat of Peace and Star Wars: The Old Republic – Blood of the Empire, the purpose of which is to establish the backstory as the game opens.

BioWare has stated that the game will have a significant focus on the storyline.

Critic Score
RoboAwesome I still remember the day a while back that my friend showed me images of Star Wars: The Old Republic in its youth. It was just concept art, really and I said to him “Man, I hope they don’t screw this up!” For a while I was very skeptical of this title. I just knew something would go wrong with it. More information kept coming out. I knew if I gave SWTOR my heart, it would inevitably become broken. Often times we hype ourselves up so much only to be disappointed. I tried so hard not to get wrapped up in it but on that fateful day in 2008 it happened. This of course was due in part to the fact that I decided to sign up for the SWTOR beta, but against my better judgement, I began to get excited. Read Full Review 100/100
FTG “It has been many years since the events of the Knights of the Old Republic took place. Bioware, the developer known for creating some of the best western role-playing games including both the Mass Effect series and the Dragon Age series, have been working hard at creating an online role-playing game set approximately 300 years after the events of KotOR. The galaxy has been waiting for the game for the past three years and now that it is finally released, you are probably wondering whether it is worth the half billion dollars that Electronic Arts, LucasArts and Bioware have sunk into the game. Well, read on to find out.”- HeyFling Read Full Review 95/100
AusGamers The long-awaited MMO from BioWare Star: Wars The Old Republic is an unusual beast for many reasons. This hugely anticipated game from one of the most respected names in the RPG business, based on one of the biggest franchises in pop-culture has just launched in North America and Europe in late December – a timeslot almost unheard of in the games industry. Read Full Review 95/100
GKick There’s two very important things that I, and you, need to take away from this review. One, TOR will not revolutionize the genre of MMOs. It has its perks, it does a lot good, but it’s still very much at its core an MMO of the same vein as nearly every other MMO out there. Secondly, and just as importantly, TOR does a lot that’s right. It’s a great game that takes the little issues that lurk in a lot of MMOs and improves on them. Is it worth the hype? Yes, as long as the hype is in the right place. It isn’t revolutionary, it isn’t perfect, but it does enough right and provides a good enough experience that I can safely recommend it as a purchase outright if you’re either a Star Wars fan or on the hunt for a new MMO in general, even if you aren’t necessarily a Star Wars fan. Read Full Review 93/100
FleshEatingZipper “I think that in order to understand what is going on in Star Wars: The Old Republic it is important that we understand the back story. The events leading up to the game and the time period it takes place in are important because those things also explain why certain thing are the way they are and why the story is – or ISN’T – any good.” Read Full Review 90/100
ThoseGamingNerds “If you had told me back in 2003 when Bioware first released Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic that it would be a stepping stone in how RPGs are played I would have been skeptical. With a story and gameplay that was geared around choices that not only affected you’re character’s morality but would also change the outcome of the game as a whole, it changed the way RPGs were played. And when Bioware announced that it was working on a Star Wars MMO (Mass-multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) I thought it would end up being another “Galaxies”, but I was wrong. Star Wars: The Old Republic plays like a single-player RPG but has elements of an MMO incorporated into it.” Read Full Review 90/100
JPS “Today is the day everyone has been waiting for as the long awaited Star Wars: The Old Republic releases all over the world. Since its reveal back in 2007, a lot of gamers are already proclaiming that BioWare’s The Old Republic will topple the World of Warcraft by Blizzard for MMORPG supremacy. After spending almost a week playing The Old Republic via the game’s early access, there are a plethora of similarities that are borrowed from every MMO out there, specifically World of Warcraft…” Read Full Review 90/100
Feed The Gamer As in any MMO, the first thing you do is create your own avatar.
To begin this process in SW:TOR, you have the choice of one of two factions: The Republic (good guys) and the Empire (bad guys). Apologies to the Star Wars fans, who would obviously know this, but there are actually people out there who are unfamiliar with Star Wars lore.
Should you decide to play on the side of the Republic, you have a choice of the following classes: Smuggler, Jedi Knight, Commando or Jedi Counselor.
Playing on the seductive Dark Side of the Force (Empire), you may choose between: Imperial Agent, Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor and Bounty Hunter. Read Full Review
Examiner Newcomers to the genre prepare to take up lightsabers and don Twi’lek garb while MMORPG vets wonder if it’s just par for the course fare (Read: “WoW clone”) set in space. The truth is, while Star Wars: The Old Republic has plenty of “standard” MMORPG aspects – it’s a whole new game of Huttball. Read Full Review 80/100
EDGE BioWare hasn’t cast itself as a guerrilla movement trying to subvert the MMOG with The Old Republic. Instead it’s been the Empire, working to produce a slick, gigantic experience that, in the time of free-to-play, feels polished enough to demand monthly fees. How long this empire – vast and imposing, but archaic in structure – will last in the face of newer MMOGs and their rebellious payment models isn’t easy to discern. This isn’t the first of a new order of MMORPG, but it may well be the last of the old. Read Full Review 80/100
Examiner Newcomers to the genre prepare to take up lightsabers and don Twi’lek garb while MMORPG vets wonder if it’s just par for the course fare (Read: “WoW clone”) set in space. The truth is, while Star Wars: The Old Republic has plenty of “standard” MMORPG aspects – it’s a whole new game of Huttball. Read Full Review 80/100
TNL When Star Wars: The Old Republic was announced as a massively multiplayer online game, there were many people who were disappointed, fearing that the previously single-player Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) series would lose its role-playing focus in order to accommodate genre conventions. The heavy push BioWare made in its voice-acting for quests seemed to be just a nicety that would simply get in the way over time, and time spent in the beta revealed a game that came across as little more than a rough, unpolished version of World of Warcraft. But thankfully for everyone involved, the developer did in fact manage to translate the essence of the series into an online game; it’s simply a matter of perspective and expectations. Read Full Review 80/100
GamesRadar Massively-multiplayer online games are always a work-in-progress, so it’s not surprising that Star Wars: The Old Republic’s launch wasn’t flawless. What matters is that it’s an extremely satisfying experience that sets the stage for a bright future, so long as BioWare continues to support the game for the coming years with constant updates. Read Full Review 80/100
Bag of Games Star Wars: The Old Republic is the long awaited MMO by Bioware. It does things really well for an MMO, and the cool story and voice acting really help as well. Unfortunately, it may or may not be your cup of tea. Read Full Review 75/100



Genre: Role-Playing
Style: Persistent World Online RPG
Themes: Another World, Futuristic Warfare
Release Date: December 20, 2011
Developer: BioWare Austin
Publisher: Electronic Arts

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