Tiny Defense Reviews

Based on 1 critics – Overal Score: 70 / 100

GameInfo: Tiny Defense is a unique side-view, grid base tower defense game.

Green Planet is the beautiful home of the little mechanical life forms known as Minirobots. While living peacefully, their planet was invaded by an army of ruthless robot troops calling themselves The Machines. These machines want to turn Green Planet into a space resort and have captured many of the Minirobots, but now they are fighting back!

Use your wit and tactics to overcome the obstacles and save the gorgeous Green Planet! Collect energy crystal to build your army of robot and fight to rescue your friends. Beware! The enemies are everywhere; on the ground, in the sky, over the sea and even under there!

Tiny Defense features bright cartoony graphics with funny characters, easy-to-learn gameplay with a good depth to please strategy fans, a vast number of levels and mini-games with challenging boss fight.

Stand united and prove that size doesn’t matter in Tiny Defense, a playful challenge for strategy game lovers!

Critic Score
LAG “For those who haven’t noticed, the advent of the iPhone has brought along with it some unsuspected societal changes. Firstly, pub quizzes are no fun anymore; secondly, Apple knows where you live and finally, the popularity of handheld gaming has exploded. Personally, I attribute the latter to the fact that an iPhone is a fashion accessory as much as it is a phone. A lot of people either have, or want one, and the games you can pack into it make for a nice little bonus along with all it’s other features…” Read Full Review 70/100


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