All Zombies Must Die Reviews and more

Based on 1 critics – Overal Score: 80 / 100

GameInfo: A Gamer, a Girl, a Mad Scientist and an Alien are all that stands
between 6 billion zombies and the world?s supply of delicious, supple brains. All Zombies Must Die! drops up to four players into the town of Deadhill, where they must blast their way through ranks of brain hungry monsters with a variety of weaponry while completing quests served up by the game’s insane storyline. Savvy survivors will utilize a combination of the surrounding environment and improvised weaponry to aid in their fight against an unrelenting army of terrifying, yet funny, zombies. As they progress, players will unlock new weapons, new characters and new arenas as well as the ability to customize both their characters and weapons.

Critic Score
JPS Zombie games are just as abundant as FPS games in the video game industry these days. Some are very good, while others not so good. Nevertheless, most of them involve you killing lots of zombies in a variety of different ways. All Zombies Must Die! is no different and is a game zombie fans shouldn’t be disappointed with. Read Full Review 80/100




Genre: Action
Style: Overhead View Action
Release Date: December 28, 2011
Developer: Doublesix Games
Publisher: Square Enix, Inc.

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