Water Galaxy Reviews

Based on 1 critics – Overal Score: 76 / 100

GameInfo: Water Galaxy is a 2D gravity based puzzle game. The Saphira people are in need of water, and all galaxies are running out. It is your task to use gravity fields to guide water from other planets to the Mothership., which transports the water back to the Saphira. Throughout the galaxies you encounter wormholes, poisonous gas clouds, mysterious force fields and many more challenges. Because of the innovative use of gravity effects, the gameplay is very interesting.

Critic Score
IGM If your alien race needs water, the only logical thing to do is attach giant water cannons to planets throughout the galaxy and squirt the precious fluids through the void of space to your eagerly receptive Mothership. Right? Well that’s the premise of Water Galaxy, a physics puzzler from Wired Games. Despite the (no doubt unintended) sexual symbolism, Water Galaxy is wholesome, easy-to-play fun in a small package. Read Full Review 76/100


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