Dead Island: Ryder White (DLC) Reviews

Based on 2 critics – Overal Score: 65 / 100

GameInfo: Players have survived the terrors that took place on Banoi, but did they really get all the pieces of the puzzle? Dead Island’s Ryder White DLC lets you re-experience the Zombie outbreak, but this time through the eyes of the villain. Play through Ryder White’s story and understand the motivation behind the acts of this military man.

Critic Score
TerminalGamer The zombie smashing Dead Island released last year to great reviews across the net. The latest DLC gives us a look into what makes the villain of the game tick. Is he truly a villain, or is someone else infecting him with their ideas? Is this DLC worth playing, or should you just run the other way? Read Full Review 70/100
JPS “In the fall of 2011, Dead Island merged zombie survival and first person RPG into a solid and fun experience despite some bugs in addition to glitches. The combat was satisfying, each character can be specialized several ways, plus the patches fixed some of the biggest technical problems while adding new custom weapon blueprints. I have put more hours into Dead Island than I prefer to share. In fact, I have all four characters at level 60.” Read Full Review 60/100

2 thoughts on “Dead Island: Ryder White (DLC) Reviews”

  1. 60/100? That's rough. I'd put it higher than that, but you are right about it's lack of value after the first time you play it.

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