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Based on 4 critics – Overal Score: 67 / 100

GameInfo: Comedy adventure genre pointnclick zombie apocalypse style heavy metal. Two guys has brought to the town captured by zombies. Then they get into an accident in front of a kind research center, now they are trapped, we must think to get out of here. Along the way, we meet characters from the slightly insane, completely insane to …
There are over 40 interactive scenes, 17 unique characters, 13 achievements, as well as built in hint system and the instrumental soundtrack.

Critic Score
AG Metal Dead is an impressive first outing by a new developer that hits all the right notes and delivers a funny, touching, and well-made take on the zombie apocalypseRead Full Review 80/100
Capsule Computers Metal Dead will win you over – no questions asked. It’s funny and bizarre in a way seemingly unique to adventure games, and has plenty of personality in it’s main characters to keep the trilogy running. It is a bit on the short side clocking in at 3-4 hours rather than the advertised 5-7. And as far as replayability goes – there is none. What it does have is humor and spark, the key components of any good point and click, and with a few tweaks here and there and a bit more ‘metal’, Walk Thru Walls could have something great on their hands.Read Full Review 70/100
GameCola Created by Walk Thru Walls Studios and for sale on Indievania for $5, Metal Dead is an adventure game starring two metal-heads, Malcolm and Ronnie, as they attempt to solve the mystery of a zombie infestation plaguing their city. Their search leads them to the offices of the MediGeniTech company, where they encounter a number of other, mostly sane, survivors and proceed to solve a number of puzzles in order to escape the building and (hopefully) unravel the riddle of the undead plague.Read Full Review 70/100
Platform Nation Tym Kaywork from Platform Nation recently reviewed Metal Dead and had this to say: ” For those with an itch to relive the glory days of gaming (albeit on a smaller scale), you’d be wise to pick this up. The funny, well written story is worth going through; I just wish the way it was presented was different. At $5, I have a hard time saying you won’t get a decent return on investment, as long as you understand the limitations that this type of game brings with it. Read Full Review 50/100


System Requirements

Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Pentium 4 or equivalent Athlon XP
Memory: 512 Mb
3D graphics card: 3D graphics adapter with 128 MB
Sound Card: 100 DirectX9.0c compatible sound card and drivers
Free space on your hard disk : 1,5 Gb

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