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Based on 1 critics – Overal Score: 79 / 100

GameInfo: Three Dead Zed is a 2D action platformer. Players will control a zombie that can change form to handle specialized tasks. Each form is used in combination to solve puzzles and escape the testing facility.

It’s no secret the government wants to weaponize the dead. Just look at how many zombie games there are! But this time, it’s all different.

You are the project. You are the zombie. Unlike the thousands of other zombies, you’re a bit smarter. You don’t just run about aimlessly looking for your next meal.

You can understand speech and can take orders. Project Z.E.D. has finally broken through and made a zombie into a potential weapon. In addition to understanding, you are imbued with the ability to change form, switching between zombie abilities.

You play the Zombie.
Change into two other zombies.
Hand drawn artwork.
Cats with tin foil hats!
Bizarre comedy.

Critic Score
IGM If a zombie is great, then surely THREE zombies are even better! That’s the thinking behind the action platformer Three Dead Zed by Gentleman Squid. Players control a zombie who has the power to transform between three different bodies at will. While this might seem like a cool set of super-powers, this undead beast is actually the misshapen victim of a fiendish experiment and players must use the various powers of the three forms to escape from the people responsible. Read Full Review 79/100



System Requirements

Dual Core 2.0Ghz
2 Gigs of RAM
Windows XP SP2 or better, Vista, Win7 (64 bit preferred)
Keyboard or Xbox 360 Controller for Windows
Adobe AIR

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