Tropical Stormfront Reviews and more

Based on 1 critics – Overal Score: 62 / 100 GameInfo: Tropical Stormfront is Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game in a tropical setting. Take command and join the ultimate war of good versus evil. Defend your freedom against the forces of darkness. Fight real-time battles in the tropics and become the ultimate leader. The game features […]

Adam’s Venture 3: Revelations Reviews and more

Based on 2 critics – Overal Score: 52 / 100 GameInfo: Vertigo Games Developer and Publisher Iceberg Interactive have announced their intention to release the third and final episode of ‘Adam’s Venture 3: Revelations’ in March 2012. In addition to further developments after Adam left for dead by thugs from the Corporation of Clairvaux, the […]

Total War: Shogun 2 – Fall of the Samurai Reviews and more

Based on 2 critics – Overal Score: 91 / 100 GameInfo: In 2000, the Creative Assembly re-invented the strategy genre with Shogun: Total War, an unprecedented blend of 3D real-time battles and turn-based management game and the first offering in the multi-award winning series. With over 7 million units sold and universal acclaim from the […]

Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighters Reviews and more

Based on 1 critics – Overal Score: 50 / 100 GameInfo: The game J.A.S.F. Janes Advanced Strike Fighters – an excellent aircraft simulator-style flight combat from the company Trickstar Games. The plot puts the player in the Middle East, in a fictional country Azbaristan. It has been ten years a bloody civil war. Most of […]

The Sims 3 Showtime Reviews

Based on 3 critics – Overal Score: 68 / 100 GameInfo: The Sims 3 Showtime allows players to connect and share with their friends and fellow fans of The Sims without ever leaving the game. Players will venture into a new world and live the dream as singers, acrobats, magicians and DJs. Using the all-new […]