Deep Black Reloaded

Based on 11 critics – Overal Score: 60 / 100

GameInfo: The Deep Black: Reloaded is a video game in the Action genre (third person shooter). Deep Black features extensive gameplay (40 single player missions in 4 different environments) that offers a mix of terrestrial and underwater battles, which so far has no direct analogues in this genre in the global video games market The sci-fi project with detailed action-packed underwater combats will feature a new trend in TPS genre. Exciting gameplay suggests using both environments for combats: land and underwater.

The unique setting of Deep Black comprises an immersive story line complex science-fiction mystery, espionage and bio-terror. The story line runs up in the nearest future in the world of unsteadiness, chaos espionage, terrorism, desperate fight for world supremacy and possession of sophisticated biological weapon Usage of realistic physical effects in the underwater environment enforces players to feel all the deepness of fear and unpredictability of combats in Deep Black Players will take to the murky depths armed with a wrath of underwater equipment from specialized underwater suit with jet pack and integrated harpoon and other high tech equipment in pursuit of enemies. With the majority of the game play taking place below the water s surface action-adventure fans will need to master new skills to fight hostile enemies and infiltrate enemy bases.

Critic Score
VGRevolutionThe bar for arcade games is constantly being raised. With such great titles with interesting gameplay concepts like Warp or Braid it seems that arcade games are where innovation and creativity bloom in unexpected ways.

On the other hand arcade games are becoming graphically as appealing as full retail titles. If you think back about what an “arcade game” really was just a few short years ago, I wouldn’t be surprised if the following generations have a completely different view of what an arcade game is, compared to me. Read Full Review

TheGameEffect Indie developer Biart has released a third person shooter with massive underwater segments. How does it hold up to other shooters in the genre? Read Full Review 75/100
BagOfGames Deep Black Reloaded, created by BiArt, is a cover based third person shooter with an emphasis on underwater combat.
You play as a Special Ops agent sent in to investigate some possible terrorist activity on the high seas. Read Full Review
Save & Quit An underwater third-person sci-fi shooter isn’t something you see every day. That is, unless you pick up Deep Black: Reloaded by indie developer Biart games. The year is 2047, and the world is divided into three main factions… Read Full Review 75/100
Midlife Gamer Deep Black: Reloaded brings familiar, almost clichéd, mechanics to an original setting and the overall result is remarkably fresh. Sporting an aesthetic similar to Dead Space as well as intense gun battles with a cover system similar to Gears of War, it would be easy to dismiss Deep Black: Reloaded as a third-person action clone, but the underwater exploration and combat is a unique focus that certainly helps it carve out its own identity. Read Full Review 60/100
LoadGame Overall the game is enjoyable, it’s not going to change the genre in any way, but it’s a well made and fun romp with the added bonus of those amusing cut-scene chatters to keep you ploughing along. Read Full Review 60/100
TheJoyPads Deep Black: Reloaded is a Third Person Shooter with unique underwater combat. While underwater you will have to turn valves to raise and lower the water levels while avoiding mines and robotic mechs that help you, repair the surroundings and even attempt to kill you. Your character is equipt in a special water suit that serves as armour for above ground and underwater. It has boost feature for underwater areas for you to swim faster against oncoming currents. Read Full Review 60/100
The Digital Fix In a world of massive annualised blockbusters and over-hyped underdeveloped gaming Goliaths it’s good to see a game come out of nowhere and offer hope of perhaps a fresh and innovative gaming experience. That’s the excitement I felt when I was offered to review Deep Black: Reloaded and discover a potential hidden gem. Deep Black: Reloaded is a third person cover based shooter with a small twist thrown in, that it’s also an underwater third person cover based shooter. After my time with Deep Black: Reloaded I can say that it is pure in its attempt to deliver a focused gaming experience reviving some of that simplicity we used to have say ten plus years ago where games were games and not intimidating massively multiplayer, first person action role playing games with wood cutting or cake baking simulators on the side Read Full Review 60/100
Newbreview Whilst we might well all busy ourselves getting stuck into the latest huge block-buster releases, there should always be time in every gamers schedule to dedicate to the indie scene. Read Full Review 60/100
PixelScribes Occasionally a game is created that defines a genre. We’ve seen it with Minecraft, creating it’s own building blocks type gameplay that spawned countless copy cats, and Uncharted, introducing a new generation to the wonders of action adventure. These rare gems set the standard for future generations of games to come, nesting themselves in the back of consumers minds as they link back to how the latest game compares to the greats. Unfortunately for Russian indie developer Biart, Deep Black: Reloaded isn’t one of them… Read Full Review 40/100
IncGamers There’s a tendency, as with films, for people to become fascinated with low-scoring releases. I’m going to urge you to resist that feeling for Deep Black: Reloaded. There’s no discernable ironic enjoyment to be gleaned from this game, and it’s certainly not fun-bad like Deadly Premonition. It’s just plain old depressing bad-bad. Like drowning. Read Full Review 20/100



Cover shooter with 40 missions and 4 different environments.
More than 8 hours of gameplay.
Underwater combat.
Free 3D underwater movement.
Immersive storyline with expressive characters.
Huge choice of tactical equipment including jetpack suits and weapon, with special traits for underwater combat.
Support of Razer Hydra controller.
NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready title.
NVIDIA PhysX support.
Optimized for Intel Sandy & Ivy Bridge, working well on Ultrabooks.

Recommended Requirements

– OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
– Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or Althon X2 2.7 GHz
– RAM: 1GB
– Graphic card: DirectX 9, 10 or 11 compatible NVidia or AMD ATI card
NVidia GeForce 8800 or higher. ATI equivalent. Intel Sandy Bridge and higher.
– Graphics card memory: 256 MB
– Sound card: DirectX compatible sound card
– Hard drive: 6 GB

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