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Mar 28, 2012

Lone Survivor Reviews

Based on 2 critics - Overal Score: 92 / 100

GameInfo: From Soul Brother developer Superflat Games comes a much more somber side-scroller. Lone Survivor is about just that: a guy in a surgical mask who is the only known survivor of some unspecified disease. As he tries to escape from the desolate city, he must sneak past, fight, or otherwise deal with a series of threats that he's not even sure are real!

Critic Score

IGM Survival horror is not lacking in the game industry. Zombie games require a lot more than zombies to hold our attention today. Jasper Byrne’s Lone Survivor delivers in a dark, apocalyptic trek through an infected apartment complex with a twist. The last remaining human, known only as ‘You’, is suffering from vivid hallucinations, hunger, loneliness, insanity, and any number of unknown, mind-affecting maladies. Read Full Review

Entertainment Focus Lone Survivor is a remarkable achievement with a staggering attention to detail. The fact it’s come from a single person is incredible but this is what makes it so special. The sound, graphics, story and gameplay all work together perfectly. It’s not just a good indie game – it’s genuinely one of the best games of the year so far. For survival horror fans in particular Lone Survivor is right up there with the best of them. There’s a demo available and two options to buy ($10 or $50) - if you’ve any interest in the genre at all then you simply must buy it now. Read Full Review


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For Indie Game Addicted's a MUST HAVE. And the others should try the Free DEMO !

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