Analogue: A Hate Story Reviews

Based on 4 critics – Overal Score: 69 / 100


GameInfo: Back in the 25th century, Earth launched a generation ship into deep space, with the goal of establishing the first interstellar colony. It dropped out of contact and disappeared, never reaching its destination.
Thousands of years later, it has finally been found.

Uncover the mystery of what happened to the final generation aboard the generation ship Mugunghwa by reading through its dead crew’s logs, with the help of a spunky AI sidekick!

Two pursuable characters. Five endings. A dark visual novel that further extends the non-linear style of Digital: A Love Story in a mystery featuring transhumanism, traditional marriage, loneliness, and cosplay.

Critic Score
Game PodunkIndie games are managing to become more and more well known these days. Between amazing success stories like Minecraft to others that get their name out on digital marketplaces, there is still room for a lot more names to be thrown into the mix. One creator, Christine Love, has made a name for herself over the past few years with her intriguing games. The most popular of her visual novel titles, Digital: A Love Story and Don’t Take It Personally, Babe, It Just Ain’t Your Story, both deal with themes of romance and human interaction through technology.

The latest title of her creative efforts is Analogue: A Hate Story and delves deeper into themes of technological connectedness. Is it a game that deserves attention from more than the typical indie audience? Read Full Review

PC Gamer The danger of blending fiction and interactivity is that both elements could suffer: the fiction gets chopped into pieces and shuffled out of order, while the interactivity becomes the ludic equivalent of page-turning, throwing players the odd puzzle to keep them paying attention, and letting them loose on a decision every few paragraphs to maintain the illusion of agency. Read Full Review 76/100
Eurogamer It’s not about hate. It’s more complicated than that. It’s about bigotry, and misogyny, and the dangers of cultural traditionalism. It’s about people, and what they do when they’re put in an isolated environment over hundreds of years. Hate is a pretty small part of it, all told. The Analogue part, though? That’s pretty spot on. Read Full Review 70/100
Destructoid My feelings about Analogue are nuanced. For every thing Love nails, there’s another place where the experience falls short. The middle stretch doesn’t live up to the standard set by the intro, but the finale is just satisfying enough to even it all out. If I had to sum up the whole game in one word, it would be “ehhhhhhhh”. Don’t take it personally, but this just ain’t my story. Read Full Review 50/100

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